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No Picnic For This Teddy Bear...

As I opened my garage door this was waiting for me...
Teddy Bear Roadkill!
We tried to pry him up but his little face was frozen to the ground. It was so sad. John said that's what you get for crossing the Teddy Bear mafia.


The TBM must have been trying to send a 'message' to someone. If they wanted to simply 'disappear' the bear they would have tied nerf bricks to his feet and dropped him into a hole in the Lake.

Careful, you could wake up next to a rocking-horse head.

Did you check the ditches? Maybe he was in an accident and coming to your house for help and was taken by the elements. Wait, is that a tire track across his back?

Sounds like a job for Stuffed Crime Scene Investigation. From the tuft of fur to his left, I think we can surmise he may have been running from his attackers.

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