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Ice Cracking on Lake Superior

Just thought I'd add to the Lake Superior ice posts. Here's a video in which you can hear the sound of the ice shifting. It's like a giant hitting a giant high-tension wire with a giant mallet, only really giant sounding. It definitely loses something on translation, but you'll get a good sense of it if you crank your speakers.

EDIT:I have no idea why the video isn't working. It seems to be totally gone...I swear it was working last night just fine. I'll probably have to re-upload it later tonight. Sorry!


Cool glad you got this. I went out and took some photos yesterday. you can see some over the next few days at my web page. Http://www.moeview.com

It would be cool to go out at night witha PZM microphone and tape those cracks.

YouTube link no worky for me.

I'm near Shakopee. Here are some pictures I took back in December when we had similar conditions on Thole Lake.


A better link.


Wish I knew how to edit comments.

Yeah, I'm not sure why it's not working now. It was fine list night...I made sure to check it before posting.

In the springtime, does the ice still pile up in gigantic heaps on the shoreline?

If the wind is right...

Tomorrow we're heading to the ice caves, took a day off in the middle of the week so it shouldn't be too terribly busy

ZB: I'm planning to record the cracks and booms this coming weekend with parabolic, true stereo and contact mics. Thanks for letting me know what they kinda sound like!

Edgewood: Before you go, call the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Ice Line at: 715-779-3398, ex. 499.
I was going to head out there a couple weeks ago and the Ice Line said the caves were closed to the public because the ice wasn't safe enough yet. With all the cold weather we had, you'd think by now they would be, though.

Awesome! Please let me know how the recording turns out.

oh, aye.. called today and things where looking good, but planning on it again tomorrow am

ZB- if you don't use a better recoeding of those sounds in some Dirty Knobs stuff it'll be a crime.

I'm from Duluth but live in Minneapolis now. I'm considering coming on Saturday to do a good lake-skate, but I'm concerned this week of warm weather might ruin the conditions. Anybody volunteer to keep me updated on whether it's worth coming?

I wouldn't do the ice...not this weekend anyhow...the wind's picking up quite a bit and is sposed to be pretty brisk the next day or so, with some snowy precip this weekend...

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