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how did you spend this chilly weekend

I was trying to frantically post something on PDD this Sunday from a little Inn in Ely, MN when my car broke down, assuming I'd be getting it repaired in Duluth [home for me]. You know .. one of those .. S.O.S. does anyone know a good mechanic for my VW Golf .. posts. But alas it never got started again as the temp never rose above -20 in Ely all weekend. The wonderful welcoming folks in Ely will be taking care of it all week and I'll be back to visit this weekend to pick her up. Anyhow ... that got me thinking. Minnesotans are hardy folks, when it gets cold we don't stay in doors…. we do silly things like go to Ely. The Mukluk Ball and Ely Winterfest were my reasons for visiting and it was a blast!

So my fine PDD friends ... what did you do to beat the cold?


Watched a Pixies video, ate MacNCheese,and washed it down with Drambuie.

I was in a chilly, yet wonderful wedding. In all honesty, I'd rather bundle up then be too hot.

The Hazel and I spent it indoors...watching Baby Einstein and Finding Nemo...and playing.

Last night, I took off for a walk after the first quarter and finished the game at the Brewhouse...

I blew a fuse at 3 am Sunday morning. Set my clock, grabbed more blankets, slept until 9 am. Got up early and it was 46 degrees in the house and falling. Drove all over Superior looking for an open hardware store and ended up going over the bridge to Daughtery's. I'm a Duluthian recently transplanted to Superior. I'm working on a list of differences between the two cities. I'll post it on PDD some day. Lack of stores (especially open on Sundays) is one of them. However, today I realized I could have just gone to Menards. Duh.

Oh... Sunday hung out most of the afternoon with a close friend in from out of town, then at night went to RT's and watched the game. Actually talked more than watched since I'm not a football fan. The Prince half-time show was cool, though.
All in all it was a pretty great weekend - even the blown fuse part.

I, unfortunately, had to work at 7am both Saturday and Sunday.

As far as the SB, although I did see the opening kickoff touchdown return, I did not watch much of the game as X-Men 2 was on one of the other channels and I'm way more into X-Men than the Superbowl.

One more question: they had Billy Joel singing the national anthem and Prince doing the halftime show?!? WTF?

You'd rather have Prince sing the national anthem and Billy Joel do the halftime show?

Yes, we as a country could stand to have our national anthem sexified (red, white and purple, anyone?), but I think we've all had about as much of Billy Joel as we need.

I spent thursday - sunday outside in Ely. I sculpted Harry Potter, (won people's choice - thank you!), attended the annual Steger Ice ball, Mukluk ball, Carvers ball,
Coffee ball... then watched the Super Ball with friends at the Steak House....Fun was had by all...

this is my first winter out in my little studio, on which we've done most of the construction ourselves (converting a hundred year old carriage house/garage).

turns out, at 20 below, the door frame/door shrivels to the point where there's a gap thru which the winter can blow her wicked icy breath. and because it's so cold, nothing can make weatherstripping stick. so in the last week, i've developed a complex ritual involving blasting space heaters, covering the door with plastic, and stuffing a long strip of rubber into the gap, strategically placing towels and blankets in windy places... worrying over the in-floor heating and whether we've managed to install it in a way that won't freeze...

it's getting rather tedious. plus i'm out there grading SAT essays. so i hate america.

i haven't seen a Superbowl since 1985.

Heidi, i always knew you were a pinko...

Went skiing at Indianhead in da U.P. for three days. Chilly, but after every two runs, if you grab a pitcher at the base place, the lift ride up ain't so bad.

Things were pretty quiet Sunday at the Community Center in Grand Portage- wow tho the pool is NICE and WARM too and FREE!
And I saw Prince too- and I LOVE HIM

Things were pretty quiet Sunday at the Community Center in Grand Portage- wow tho the pool is NICE and WARM too and FREE!
And I saw Prince too- and I LOVE HIM

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