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Get thee to the ice!

Anyone want to skate to Wisconsin Point?






we skated off of Brighton Beach yesterday. the kids thought it was the most amazing skating experience they've ever had. especially cool is lying down on the ice and feeling it crack, listening to the laser arcade (pong, ping, peowww, THUNG) down below.

fucking unbelievably cool. god do i love living here. has the ice been anywhere near this smooth in the last 10 years? because i never knew it could be like this.

a few years ago i snowshoed across the bay. we went to culver's and ate french fries. it was cold.

Ice without snow! The last time I saw anything like this, I was about eight years old in Michigan. My family and I went to Wisconsin Point on Sunday. We bowled with big ice chunks. My 5-year-old couldn't get over it. "I'm having fun," he kept saying. "I'm really having fun." The frozen lake is so awesome I can't even find the words to describe it.

hey maria...how do they keep the frozen custard cold inside the butterburger?

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