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Best Local Fish Fry?

We're having a hankerin' for Friday night Fish Fry-- any suggestions?


I think the best fish I've had as far as the whole Friday night thing goes is at the Amnicon Bar. It's only 30 minutes outside of Superior, but it certainly beats what you would find in town. The address is 7794 S County Road A, Superior, WI 54880 if you want to Mapquest it. Also the patty melt is the best ever. They use actual dark rye bread not that light crap every other restaurant uses to try and appeal to the unwashed masses. And although I'm not a big fried chicken guy, their broasted chicken is supposedly very good as well.

If Amnicon has great fish fry, then Norwood Golf Course in Lake Nebagamon has the best. Comparatively, Norwood blows the doors off of Amnicon's. But that's all for naught as Norwood is closed in the winter.

I've heard it on good authority (my parents) that Foster's up by the Duluth Airport has some delicious fish fry. Worth a shot if you don't want the commute.

the St. Clair Broiler on Snelling and St. Clair in St. Paul has an awesome fish fry...normally a good atlantic cod...Pig's Eye beer batter...plenty o tartar sauce...

but that hardly helps your case.

St. Clair Broiler KICKS ASS! I miss that place.

Eddies in Superior has a killer Friday fish fry - plus stiff tubs of Old Fashions. Fantastic service and wacky atmosphere. Classic Wisconsin style. Veer right at the Choo Choo and start smelling.

Rapid's River Inn on US 2 just beyond the split East of Superior. $7.95 all you can eat and a fine selection of brews on tap. They serve big, lightly breaded filets of pollack, and a choice of spuds. I think pitchers are very cheap, around $6 or $7 also. There is smoking allowed in the bar but if you sit in the back dining area it isn't smokey. Get there early because it's popular and they will sell out.

I was going to recommend the Rapids River Inn as well but couldn't remember the name of the place. Very good fish, and probably a bit closer than the Amnicon.

i do enjoy the Brewhouse fish fry on occasion...

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