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Astronaut Love Triangle Breaks Up Upon Re-Entry

Speaking of Chewbacca, here's the true story of the astronaut charged with attempted murder in a love triangle blowout. I think I'm reading this story right, but it looks like she was having an affair with a fellow astronaut who was having an affair on her. So she drove 900 miles in one straight shot with diapers on, in disguise, with a bunch of rubber tubing and large garbage bags in the back of the car with a knife to 'confront' the other woman... So they arrest her but they've let her go with a GPS transponder on her ankle, and I'm thinking, "Hello, she's an astronaut, what good is a GPS gonna do if she goes to the moon?"


UPDATE: The comments mention that she would have had to stop along the way to gas up ... leaving the conclusion that she was either pathologically afraid of gas station bathrooms, or just a really big fan of diapers. You decide. Astronauts!


i heard the was wearing Space Diapers...

If there's a car out there that can go 900 miles on one tank...I'm all over it...maybe it was a Space Car...

I think she fueled the car with her dirty diapers.

"Methane cometh from pig shit."

All in the name of love!?

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