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A few of my own ice photos from yesterday

Ice colors


Ice Fall #1



effing sweet!

The last one is especially awesome. Where did you find that?

these all where taken while checking out the ice caves near Cornucopia. I'd say the rocks where about 10 - 15 feet down.

how's the ice over there?

Creepy and cool.

The ice was pretty good. They actually have a few inches of snow so there is not so much clear ice, but it looked to be at least 10 inches thick where I could see. Some of the ice falls and caves seemed to be on the boarder line as far as integrity was concerned. It is definitely worth going during the week as opposed to the weekend, a lot less people. Next time I think I'll get up around 4:30am and try to hit the beach shortly after sunup

! Zowie !

You provide the fireworks, and we'll provide the oohs and ahhs!


Beautiful! Thanks for sharing them!

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