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February 28, 2007

Order pizza before this...


February 27, 2007

Last Call for Bands

KeepAways.jpg NotAMiddleFinger.JPG Acceleratii.JPG

The Homegrown Music Festival is just two months away. The ninth annual celebration of Duluth's music and arts scene is scheduled for April 29 through May 6.

A schedule for the eight-day festival is expected to be completed by mid-March. Musical acts have until midnight on March 1 to register to be considered for a slot. (Click here to register.)

Two new features this year will be a Tuesday-night live radio broadcast from Renegade Comedy Theater on Wisconsin Public Radio's 91.3 FM KUWS and a Wednesday-night renewable energy fair and concert at Lakeview Castle. The 2007 event will also feature some new venues a slew of new bands.

February 26, 2007

Twelve Moons

Between April 2004 and April 2005, I collected something like 1500 frames off the web camera positioned at Canal Park, all from the comfort of my home in Twin Cities. I recently I put them together in this video and finally up on YouTube. Enjoy!

Kevin Steinman @ Beaners

Kevin Steinman will be playing at Beaners at 8:00 March 2nd. I saw him at Varsity Theatre at the end of January and it was a great show. Highly recommended!

She wants your blood!


OK...I know this may be the strangest request ever on PDD.
She is a phlebotomy student at DBU and needs to have 18 more SUCCESSFUL blood draws to be able to pass her phlebotomy class before her internship.

All that is “required” is a desire to help a student who may one day be the one who draws your blood at a hospital or clinic. (And a paper you will sign stating that in case of an accidental stick/poke from the needle, that DBU can test your blood)

Mondays and Wednesdays between the hours of 9:15 AM to 11:00 AM (it is ok to go at 11 as the lab class ends at 11:20)

Please email her at [email protected] for her to know, or for more details.

And “Thank You So Much” from her!

February 25, 2007

Snow + Dogs = FUN!

Oh, those quirky gamers...


What: PDD Game Night
When: Monday, February 26 at 6pm-ish
Where: Robin Goodfellow's

After you shovel our from the copious amounts of snow, come and play games with your fellow PDD members! Food of some sort is generally ordered. Hope to see you all there!

February 24, 2007

Tonight at Luce - State Champs CD Release

City Council Takes Up Anti-War Resolution


At the Duluth City Council meeting on Monday, Feb. 26, councilors will discuss a resolution calling for American troops to be brought home from Iraq. Anti-war activists from the Twin Ports area will hold a rally in front of City Hall at 6:30 p.m. calling on councilors to pass the resolution.

If the resolution passes, the City of Duluth will go on record as opposed to the indefinite deployment of hundreds of thousands of men and women currently serving in Iraq. The resolution also opposes further troop deployments. The resolution, which will be introduced by Councilor Russ Stewart, reads in part:

“[M]any members of the Armed Forces are entering into their third and fourth deployments to Iraq;… the war in Iraq, now in its fourth year, has caused the deaths of more than 3,140 American soldiers and tens of thousands of Iraqis, the physical and psychological wounding and disabling of more than 22,000 American soldiers and of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, and the destruction of the homes, communities, and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.”

The resolution “honors the memory of those who have lost their lives in the war” while urging the federal government to “commence planning an orderly and comprehensive withdrawal of United States military personnel from Iraq” and “support our troops by ensuring that returning veterans receive compensation and care.” It also calls for sending non-military aid to Iraq for reconstruction and pursuing stability in the region through diplomacy.

If approved, copies of the resolution will be sent to President Bush, Senators Norm Coleman and Amy Klobuchar, Representative Jim Oberstar and the Duluth members of the Minnesota legislature. Duluth citizens are urged to be part of the political process by attending the rally and meeting on Feb. 26 and voicing their opinions.

Duluth Short Shorts Film Festival TONIGHT!

FilmFestival (2).JPG

Saturday February 24, 2007 at 7:00 p.m.

Come see the top finalists! Entries will be viewed by a panel of judges; the top three winners will receive a cash prize.

Tickets $5 sold at the door starting at 6 pm. Limited seating!
11 E. Superior Street (Tech village, next to Pizza Luce)

(promo requested by Crystal Pelkey, Geek Prom Queen 2005)

February 23, 2007

Jabbing weapons?


Why even think about fighting "terror cells" in the middle east when you have spear-wielding Chimpanzees?

I'll Miss You Mr. Rundstrom.


Kirk Rundstrom , founder of Split Lip Rayfield passed away today after a courageous battle with cancer. If any of you were lucky enough to catch Split Lip Rayfield on one of their many visits to Duluth you know he will be missed.

Thank you Kirk Rundstrom for all the music and memories.

Read more here:

Harp Magazine

Bloodshot Records

Kansas City Star

The Wichita Eagle


February 22, 2007

Umbrella skate sailing with dog

the SuperTacks T-Shirt Release Party!

Cover will be $3
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February 21, 2007

George Takei Rules

So good on Heroes. So good here...



Will someone please tell Tamara it's not "Teenage Wasteland?"

A few of my own ice photos from yesterday

Ice colors


Ice Fall #1


Tomorrow Night!


Come on down to Pizza Lucé tomorrow evening, check out some new bands and pick up issue number 7 of ...And The Heroine Screams Help!.

February 20, 2007

No Picnic For This Teddy Bear...

As I opened my garage door this was waiting for me...
Teddy Bear Roadkill!
We tried to pry him up but his little face was frozen to the ground. It was so sad. John said that's what you get for crossing the Teddy Bear mafia.



The show may be at 11pm. I think it costs 4 dollars.

I'm not really up on the scene, and don't have much info about the show. I was just asked to play, and my friend Bud enjoys making posters. So there you are! Promotion!

February 19, 2007

Growing up Duluth: A Call for Submissions

Growing up Duluth: A Call for Submissions

Dear current or former Duluthian,

Do you have a story about your childhood in Duluth? My siblings and I grew up in the Central Hillside in the 1970’s and 1980’s and feel that our experiences there were unique and are not often reflected back to us in the media. Our memories of, and nostalgia for Duluth inspired us to start this project: Growing up Duluth.

We would like to publish an anthology of people’s experiences growing up in Duluth. We are currently asking for submissions of short fiction, non-fiction, prose, poetry, photography or artwork to [email protected]. Text submissions should be 150 to 1200 words. All entries must be received by May 31, 2007.

We hope you will take the time to share your Duluth experience with us so that it can be incorporated into a larger collection and enjoyed by all!

Rosey Jencks, Marey Jencks and Peter Leopold

For further information visit us at

Ice Cracking on Lake Superior

Just thought I'd add to the Lake Superior ice posts. Here's a video in which you can hear the sound of the ice shifting. It's like a giant hitting a giant high-tension wire with a giant mallet, only really giant sounding. It definitely loses something on translation, but you'll get a good sense of it if you crank your speakers.

EDIT:I have no idea why the video isn't working. It seems to be totally gone...I swear it was working last night just fine. I'll probably have to re-upload it later tonight. Sorry!

February 18, 2007

More on Skating.

Superior Skating

I went skating on the Lake. I brought my camera. I made a movie.

Music by Califone.

Someone is judging you

Duluth Politics

As for me, I like how he refers to himself as "us" and "we". I also like how he pretty much never gets any comments.

Get thee to the ice!

Anyone want to skate to Wisconsin Point?





February 17, 2007

I Got My Goggles On.

wow, Brit..

Eeee gags... this has to be the funniest story I have read about her.


Oy Vey!


When: Monday, February 19, 2007 at 6pm or so
Where: Robin Goodfellow's
What: Come for a schtick and schmooze with your fellow PDD boichikas and mensches! We'll play some kitschy games and order some latkes and lox. L'chaim!

February 16, 2007

Local Boy Done Good

Alan Sparhawk?

Walking through Los Angeles today, I snapped this photo of a bust of Al Sparhawk. I knew he was famous, but sheesh.

Awesome Emo Show!! No wait....


No wait...just kidding. Its just a cd release with some pop and folk and a twinge of noise rock towards the end.
But not too much.

February 15, 2007

4 New Bands- 1 CRAZY Night!!!


Look out Duluth: here comes: Haus Meeting, Man Heat, Waste Band, and Rabbit Beard:
One things for sure: its going to be really weird & really fun...and who knows,
one of them could be the next Crew Jones...

Dick's Basement- 16 N. 2nd Ave. E.

Franken in Duluth

So Al is going to be in town tomorrow to kick off his Senatorial campaign. Is anyone going? Please post a report. I'd go, but I have a wedding rehearsal I have to be at.

Al announces his candidacy:

February 14, 2007

Objective: Kill Zombies


We are the best at something...

giving our children a terrible place to grow up.

Unicef Report

Caption this

Berv Arresting August.jpg

"They didn't have Lord Huggington!?"

Happy Love Day to one & all.

Teddy: I am Sir Love-A-Lot, the bear who loves to love!
Homer: They didn't have Lord Huggington!?
Marge: It's the same basic bear, Homey.
Homer: Oh, I guess...

Bart: What the hell is this!?
Marge: It's a 'Kisses Make Me Boogie-O-Lantern', kiss it and make it boogie!
Homer: Kiss iiit!
Bart: Ah, maybe later.

February 13, 2007



Duluth Community Garden Program Truffle Sale

Tuesday, February 13th, 5-8pm
Fitger's Brewery Complex (right inside the front doors)

These truffles are hand-made and partially organic. Flavors include plain, coffee, and cherry, and peppermint patties are also available. Truffles are $1.75 each or $6 for a box of 4. Peppermint patties are $1.75 for 2, $6 for a box of 8. Proceeds benefit the Duluth Community Garden Program.

What would Jesus Doownload?


"Ubuntu Christian Edition is an operating system geared towards Christians. It is based on the popular Ubuntu Linux and includes the best available Christian software, such as GnomeSword, a top of the line Bible study program, and several additional modules. It also includes fully integrated Web content parental controls powered by Dansguardian and a graphical tool for adjusting the parental control filter settings."

Frankly, I'm speechless...except to say that this is going to give me something to talk about on the christian kink message boards....if I had joined them....which I haven't....really...

February 12, 2007

The Perfection of Want and Can’t – or – Kicked in the Monads

pops 001.jpg

Leibniz said (more or less) “everything is as it should be.”

Everything is perfect. Perfectly painful, flawlessly beautiful. History’s perfect control of the present and future. Everything is written. Perfect reactions, perfect nonsense. I love the perfection of it all. Love-IT!

Absolutely boring and stupid. Entirely dramatic, cool and stylish. Cold, steel perfection, and yes, even a perfect Duluth day.

Suicidally driven! Glaringly handsome! Smooth like honey, a perfect gentleman. Adorable, unattainable. A perfect liar, utterly terrified, honorable among thieves. Perfectly broken in a self-made prison.

Perfectly molded, crafted, and sculpted. Purely naive and totally aware. In perfect health and terminally ill. Manipulated and then manipulating. Completely destroyed and annihilated. Then eternally reborn. Perfect, just perfect.

February 11, 2007

Peach Panda Cougar

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

If you've braved the icy winds of Canal Park, you may already be familar with a new Perfect Duluth Sunday.* Within the heated DeWitt Seitz Marketplace, Lake Avenue Cafe is starting a new tradition of brunch with old favorites and new classics. The menu is currently Peach Panda-Cougar Pannekuchen, Eggs Florentine, French Toast with Caramelized Apples and Walnuts, and an open-faced Italian Frittata. Every sunday you can enjoy these tasty dishes between 11:00am to 3:00pm.

Lake Avenue Cafe
11am - 3pm
Sunday Brunch

*I apologize about the pun. It won't happen again. It wasn't even that punny.

PDD Game Night

Family Choices Board Game - Proverbs Edition.jpg

When: Monday, February 12, 2006 at 6pm-ish
Where: Robin Goodfellow's
What: Come play some board games with your fellow friendly PDD members. Foodage of some sort is typically ordered. Get your inner gamer geek on!

Gonna be a busy week for us old farts



Duluth teams dominate 2007 Junior Nationals

Chris Plys and Aileen Sormunen led their teams to gold medals in the 2007 Junor Nationals in Seattle, WA. Next stop: World Junior Curling Championships in March.


February 09, 2007

Rummage Sale

Rummage Sale

When: Saturday, February 10 from 8AM-12PM
Where: Summit School
1600 N 8th Ave E
Duluth, MN
What: baked goods, children's clothing, children's toys, puzzles, games, household objects

All money raised goes to benefit the school!

See you there!

Don't Forget to Register for Homegrown 2007

Help spread the word... Registration for Homegrown 2007 closes March 1st!
Register Your Band Now!

February 08, 2007

Benefit for Karie Neveau


Any of you who have ever had any association with KUMD probably know Donna Neveau, our office administrator and one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. Her daughter-in-law, Karie, was recently diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer, a rare and aggressive form of the disease. She has already undergone chemotherapy and a double mastectomy and is heading into another round of chemo. There will be a fundraiser for Karie & her family this Sunday at Mr. D's. More information can be found here.

TPB show


bye bye


February 07, 2007

The ongoing DRM saga

Most of you probably heard Steve Jobs, the main fellow at Apple, is making a push against DRM. As Itunes is so big this is potentially major news if any of the record labels actually listen to him. I predict that if just one major label cracks they will all have to. At that point I may just use itunes now that AllofMp3 has effectively been Tuckered out of the market. O course, sadly, that might be another nail in the eventually demise of brick and mooter music stores.

The Need to Plan Ahead is an Important Characteristic

Geek1.JPG Geek2.JPG Geek3.JPG

Geek4.JPG GPLogoColor.JPG Geek6.JPG

Geek7.JPG Geek8.JPG Geek9.JPG

Geek Prom 2007
Saturday, May 12
Science Museum of Minnesota


colon cleaner.jpg

Did anyone else catch this in the Weekly Reader? So, like new means it has been where??

No You Didn't!


Silver Anniversary


Greetings from Oxo Ninja! (...and family)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Ahoy Oi!

Wanted to drop a line and say hello to the pdd crew. Me (theresa), my husband (roger) and our 3 month old baby ninja (oscar) are moving back to Duluth (ok ok.. Superior) in May and I'm sooo excited to be coming home. We've been living in England for the last 2 years, and it's time to return to the Northland!

Just wanted to re-introduce myself and introduce you to the rest of my little family (see bio for a lil' pic).

I'm really looking forward to going back to the things I know - buildings I've trudged past for most of my adult life, big trees, tasty tap water and wide open spaces, just to name a few. I'm also looking forward to sharing all these things with my husband and my son. I think Duluth is a great place for my husband to start his adventure in the US!

We're deep in to the Visa processing for my husband (and WOW it's so much harder to get him over there than it was to get me to the UK!)... and we just sent a load of boxes on the slow boat to the US. It's so overwhelming and wonderful at the same time! YAY! and YIKES! This is my second trans-atlantic move, so it should be a breeze, right? Well, this time I'm +1 baby, +1 dog, +1 cat and +1 man!

I'm wondering if anyone has any details or info on baby groups that my husband and I can get involved with. We do a "babbling babies" group here that our babe just LOVES where we sing to the babies in groups... the kid is a music lover (in addition to being a badass ninja) just like his parents. Baby groups are also a good excuse for parents to get together and talk about their favourite subject.. their babies!

Any way... I'm waffling on.

Nice to re-meet you all! Stay warm and you'll be seeing more of me on the forum :)


~ Theresa

wake the fuck up


February 06, 2007

It's 10:45...

Do you know where your Gauntlet is?

Oh, that's right...I have it.

What is chicago steppin?

Hey yall, mark your calender for Chicago Steppers night, Valentines Day at the Redstar in the Fitgers Brewery Complex. The event starts at 10pm/no cover/dress to impress/champagne specials/steppers contest/ steppers sets by chicago's finest: Jeff Holman, Psycho Capone, with your host Kevin Craig

What is Steppin?

Steppin is a derivative of several African American dance forms, The Ring-Shout, The Cakewalk, The Jitterbug, The Swing, The Offtime, The Bop, and The New Bop in particular.

A dance consisiting of two or more people dancing as partners in synchronization to a 6 or 8 count beat to musical sounds of Jazz, Soul, Funk, R&B, Neo Soul, or Rapp music.

Steppin is currently one of the most popular aspects of America's social climate, gaining popularity at a very rapid pace, manifesting in many major cities, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Houston, Milwaukee, L.A., Oakland, Seattle, and other heavy populated areas..

Attire consist of a form of rag time, black tie, and modern fashion designs twisted into a unique style of contemporary designs better known as Steppers Sharp usually reflecting a combination of times throughout African American history, the gouyster in particular.

A dance form very popular throughout Chicago's African American community. A dance of unity and positive atmosphere, currently enjoyed and adopted by people throughout American society under the reference of Hand dancing, Ballroom, The Swing, Steppin , and the Bop.
From (http://steppersexpress.com/about.htm)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

for more info check out these links.

Astronaut Love Triangle Breaks Up Upon Re-Entry

Speaking of Chewbacca, here's the true story of the astronaut charged with attempted murder in a love triangle blowout. I think I'm reading this story right, but it looks like she was having an affair with a fellow astronaut who was having an affair on her. So she drove 900 miles in one straight shot with diapers on, in disguise, with a bunch of rubber tubing and large garbage bags in the back of the car with a knife to 'confront' the other woman... So they arrest her but they've let her go with a GPS transponder on her ankle, and I'm thinking, "Hello, she's an astronaut, what good is a GPS gonna do if she goes to the moon?"


UPDATE: The comments mention that she would have had to stop along the way to gas up ... leaving the conclusion that she was either pathologically afraid of gas station bathrooms, or just a really big fan of diapers. You decide. Astronauts!

Nobody tells this wookiee what to do!

27711443.jpgSay it isn't so, Chewie!

Chewbacca was arrested this weekend in Los Angeles for headbutting Brian Sapir, a tour guide, after Sapir tried to get him to stop harrassing Japanese tourists. The enraged wookiee was heard to exclaim, "Nobody tells this wookiee what to do!"

Superman, nearby, witnessed the whole exchange, and used his superpowers to call the Jimmy Kimmel Show so they could get footage of it.

Captain Jack Sparrow was not surprised by the wookiee's behavior. "Things like this happen around Chewbacca all the time. I saw him in a fight with a music vendor. They knocked over a baby stroller," Sparrow said.

February 05, 2007

Lost Footage of Ernie Nevers


The supposed lost footage of Ernie Nevers on YouTube is a hoax, as suspected. If I had looked closer at the credits before I originally posted this, I would have seen that it plainly says Curtis Nelson plays the part of Ernie Nevers.

"This video was made for reasons of getting me noticed by the producers of a new film based on the Duluth Eskimos in 1926," Nelson posted this afternoon. "So you are correct. It isn't a hoax just not real footage of Ernie Nevers. That is me and my son."

Hmm. I thought the guy in the video looked like more of a baby face than the Ernie Nevers I've seen photos of. And the soccer goal in the background was a little strange, since no self-respecting American in the early 20th Century played soccer.

Nevers was born in Willow River and played professional football for the Duluth Eskimos and later the Chicago Cardinals. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1963.

George Clooney is making a film about the 1927 Eskimos ("Leatherheads") written by Sports Illustrated columnist Rick Reilly.

how did you spend this chilly weekend

I was trying to frantically post something on PDD this Sunday from a little Inn in Ely, MN when my car broke down, assuming I'd be getting it repaired in Duluth [home for me]. You know .. one of those .. S.O.S. does anyone know a good mechanic for my VW Golf .. posts. But alas it never got started again as the temp never rose above -20 in Ely all weekend. The wonderful welcoming folks in Ely will be taking care of it all week and I'll be back to visit this weekend to pick her up. Anyhow ... that got me thinking. Minnesotans are hardy folks, when it gets cold we don't stay in doors…. we do silly things like go to Ely. The Mukluk Ball and Ely Winterfest were my reasons for visiting and it was a blast!

So my fine PDD friends ... what did you do to beat the cold?

February 04, 2007

Ready and Waiting to Serve, Oh Great Robotic Overlords


PDD Game Night

Better than Bingo at the VFW!

Date: Monday, February 5, 2007
Time: 6pm-ish
Place: Robin Goodfellow's
What: Come play a rousing game of Carcassonne (provided by Edgewood) or other games with your friendly fellow PDD members! Pizza or some sort of food substance is usually ordered. See you there!

February 03, 2007

Mooninites set up us the bomb!

I made a pic w/ a litebrite mooninite with the caption "someone set up us the bomb". zac bentz took it even farther.

Dog In Winter


February 02, 2007

Perfect Duluth Baby...


Go here and listen, then write a review. You will be rewarded.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The Release Show is February 16th @ Beaners.

February 01, 2007


Rank Strangers with the DT's, We Are The Romans

Fri Feb 2nd
Red Lion Lounge
9:00 PM



I went to the depot yesterday. It was the first time I've been there since I was a kid, and I plan on bringing a camera on my next adventure there. That place is FUN!!!!!!!! I forgot how fun that place is! Half of the Childrens Museum is closed for renovation (I know huh! Sucky!) but I did have a TON of fun playing on those trains. Anyone else been playing on the trains lately? And who spits in the mail bag on the mail train! How sad, try to ruin it for everyone. I plan on enjoying it a lot more now, before it gets ruined for everyone from disrespectful kids. I do expect not to be able to climb on the trains un-attended during the next generation after being there, and thats sad. Because it was the greatest adventure I've had in months!

Early Warning

SuddenDeath.jpg HomegrownChicken2.JPG starfirerocksout21.jpg

This year's Homegrown Music Festival will be held April 29 through May 6. Band registration starts now.

Best Local Fish Fry?

We're having a hankerin' for Friday night Fish Fry-- any suggestions?