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Submission Party!

After all, everyone has to get it off on occasion, so why not make an occasion of it? Submitting one's writing to journals and magazines that is.
Resolved to send out your work to get published this new year? Lake Superior Writers is hosting a Send-Off party this Saturday, 1/27, from 3-7pm at the Marshall School Annex Building 1301 Rice Lake Rd.
What we'll have: a few publishing guides, a photocopier, a computer (or two), coffee, and a place for people to share their experiences in a creative and supportive envirionment.
What you'll bring: your poetry, essays and/or short stories for submission, envelopes and stamps (snacks would be a bonus). Come for just a little while or stay the whole time. Writers of all abilities are welcome

Any questions? contact mccormie at yahoo dot com


...walks into the room wearing assless chaps...

Woha--wrong kind of submission party!

you shouldn't have left so quickly... no one's even used the the photocopier yet!

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