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Somebody stab me directly in the eyeball.


Put me out of my misery. Please.


that was horrible...either that or my gaydar just went berzerk...

Kinda reminds me of Jack Black.

This thing is so ridiculous that it must be satire.

If it isn't satire, that makes it even funnier.

you should see the porn version of this. ...

Best line, "there is no backdoor into heaven"

Gayest mustasche ever.

I can't find it on attrition.org, but years ago godhatesfags.com was hacked and redirected to godlovesfags.com. That still makes me chuckle.

Best line found while searching for the above: "They Must Need Bears."

Wow. That is either one of the best satire pieces ever or one of the worst anti-gay songs ever.

Either way, I was laughing the whole way through.

just an elaborate joke


my mother would like to see me singing that song.

hoax. it was...

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