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solar rental

Ran across this today (citizenre) and it interests me enough that I’m actually considering investing in it. To be sure I’ll be taking baby steps to try and avoid scams, but if it is legit I think it’s a great idea.

You “rent” a solar power array paying for the electrical power generated and used at the rate your power company would charge. If you rent for 25 years you pay the electric rate at year 25 that you did at year one. There is a $500 “security deposit”, otherwise it looks like there is no other out of pocket expense.

Kind of a cool business model.



if you really wanted to be safe, run this idea by Paul over at the Brewhouse before ya get too far into it. He's very knowledgeable about PV and wind power setups, perhaps he can school ya in on the feasibility of getting into it.

he'll probably be up for a game of Go, as well...it's winter, time to get that started again.

Its no scam. I signed up in Dec.2006 with a security deposit waiver which ended in Dec.31, 2006. It's still a good deal, even with a security deposit. They provide the Solar panels ,they install them, and keep up the maintenance. What a deal. All you pay is for the energy produce and use as a rental fee, maybe same or less than you are paying now. The big savings come with the long term lockin rates that protect you against future increases. What a deal. Contact me i'll be glad to give you more info.

OK.. I am not going to say this IS a scam. But I will say 4greenenergy is a bit off his/her rocker, and having somebody like that shill for the product does not inspire confidence. The commenter may even fit into the category of spammer as an emailed reply from them doesn't make any sense and kind of reads like a rote, automatic response.

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