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Red Alert! All Hands to Battle Stations!

Set phasers to... aw, screw it, arm photon torpedoes and blast 'em.


wow! i guess thats one way to put it.


way to ruin a good diatribe by invoking the trek. there should be a geek etiquette guide of appropriate situations and contexts. it's like calling the insurgents "tribbles". (actually, that's kind of close, nevermind.)

That is fantastic. Thanks, ironic1!

Ohhh...those faux Vulcans & faux Klingons in Washington...me so ANGRY! (faux SNL Frankenstein).

It's the real Ferengis that piss me off.

I really want to hear an extended dance mash up of this speech.

That was awesome! Who is this guy - is he some stealth legislative geek?

I don't know what the hell he was talking about, but I just ordered all the action figures off of ebay.

He is Rep. David Wu of Oregon.

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