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Random Rules.

yo random rules

The Onion has a regular feature called Random Rules in which they interview a celebrity and have them set their mp3 player on random and then talk about the first 10 songs that come up. I don't expect the Onion to be calling any time soon so I will do it my self.

My 5th generation 30GB Black iPod is set to shuffle, here we go.

1. Discretion Grove | Stephen Malkmus
Ex-Pavement leader Malkmus once let me tag along to Fon-Du-Luth Gaming Casino for some Blackjack after their show at the Shriner's Hall. I promptly lost 40 bucks.

2. Keep on Drinkin' | Devil in a Woodpile
These boys are from Chicago and they played at Greenman once, it was great.

3. I Had A Real Good Mother & Father | Gillian Welch
All I need is some Gillian and Dave and coffee and the New York Times and that is a perfect Sunday morning.

4. Hush | James Moors
James Moors a.k.a. Sterling Waters gave us this song for the Treasure Chest compilation to benefit Pearl Swanson. I like the way his voice wraps around my head.

5. Green Rocky Road | Charlie and Emily Parr
This is random right? This is the first track from Treasure Chest and I love the way their voices sound together and of course Charlie's guitar playing is spot on as always.

6. Nap Rico Van | John Swihart
A playful little organ track from the Napoleon Dynamite Soundtrack.

7. Apple Tree | My Sister's Moon
OK, this is getting weird. We have another entry from the Treasure Chest album. This one is really sweet. The Hatten family wrote and performed this together. It is baby Pearl's favorite song.

8. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star | Starfire
I swear I am not promoting Treasure Chest. This is my feeble attempt at a lullabye, I don't completely hate it.

9. Gravity | The Dragon's
I have no idea who the Dragon's are but this song was written by Alejandro Escovedo. It appears on a tribute album to help Mr. Escovedo recover from Hepatitis C.

10. Horn | Nick Drake
A plaintive little acoustic number from Mr. Drake. It reminds me of rain in the springtime.

Now it's your turn PDDland. What are your Random Rules? Make your own post or just leave em in the comments.


1) Pavement / Range Life
2) Modern Jazz Quartet / willow weep for me
3) Tom Waits / Innocent when you dream
4) The Flamingos / I only have eyes for you
5) Wynton Marsalis / Django
6) Smashing Pumpkins / Suffer
7) Miles Davis / Concierto De Aranjuez
8) TV on the Radio / Playhouses
9) Dan Zanes / Father Goose *my daughters music, kind of fun*
10) Brian Eno & Robert Frip / Ankna

Cool idea... wierd how we have similar.. or is that creepy?

1) Firewater / Fanfair
2) Stephen Malkmus / Ramp of Death
3) SuperChunk / Foolish
4) White Stripes / Waisting My Time
5) the Clean / Twilight Agency
6) Victoria Williams / Natures Way
7) Lemon Heads / Live Without
8) Belle and Sebastian / Fiction Reprose
9) Selby Tigers / World without Charm
10) MC Honkey / What a Bringdown

01. Probot "My Tortured Soul"
Dave Grohl gets together with his biggest metal influences and writes a wicked good album. Unfortunately this is one of only two or three songs I don't like on this album. It's just slow and boring.

02. Mitch Hedberg - Live in Chigago
"I had a chicken finger that was so fuckin' big, it was a chicken hand." RIP, Mitch.

03. Yuki Kijura "A New World"
This is off the Xenosaga III OST. I just started playing it. After about 6 hours I've probably spent about 30 minutes actually playing it. Lots of plot. I love it.

04. Nine Inch Nails "Head Like A Hole (Copper)"
Old-school remix of an old-school master. Everything industrial peaked just around this time. Shame.

05. Michael Armstrong "Sail to the Moon"
This is from Armstrong's amazing "Rockabye Baby!" series where he takes modern rock bands and covers a bunch of their songs, played on all sorts of chimes and pianos and xylophones and other baby-friendly tinkly things. This is from the Radiohead album. The darkest baby music you'll ever hear. Amazing stuff.

06. "Kakariko Theme"
This is from the new Zelda "Twilight Princess" OST. I've given up on the game for now. The lack of camera control was just too frustrating and the character design is horrid. I'm sure I'll get back to it after XSIII.

07. Supercar "Halkroad"
Supercar are easily one of my favorite bands from Japan. Unfortunately they broke up early last year, but really, it was probably for the best. Answer was a pretty limp album. This is an early B-side, and as usual it's just as good as their A material. All acoustic, which is odd for them, but nice and natsukasii.

08. Ween "How High Can You Fly?"
Ween is always rather hit-or-miss for me. This is a big ol' miss. Pointless. I guess the talk-over voice is a little funny.

09. Nobuo Uematsu "Cave"
From the "Blue Dragon" OST. The awesome thing about this OST is that it's like a lost Final Fanstasy OST. (Uematsu did all the FF music up though FFIX.) Every track is classic Uematsu at his best. I'll never play the game (I don't have an X-Box 360), but I can listen to this and play an imaginary FF game in my head.

10. Buck-Tick "Romance~The Nightmare"
Another Japanese band. These guys have been around for over 20 years, evolving from a Duran Duran-esque group to a much darker, suit-and-tie style slightly gothy band. Think Depeche Mode only sexier. (Yeah, I know.) This track shows off their unique epic-dance-cathedral-ballroom style.

BONUS Polysics "Hot Stuff"
No listing of songs from me is complete without Polysics. "Hot Stuff" is as good an example as any and packs in everything great about the band: It's fast, noisy, full of bleeps and blips, crashing drums, and Hiro's spastic singing. Find them. Love them.

1.Northern Sky~Nick Drake

2. Hawkmoon 269- U2

3.Sand and Water~Beth Nielsen Chapman

4. Wild Horses~ The Sundays

5. Frail and Bedazzled~The Smashing Pumpkins

6. Wash Away (reprise)~ Joe Purdy

7. On the Turning Away~Pink Floyd

8. Home~ Marc Broussard

9. Silver Lining~ Amanda Ghost

10. Don't Leave Me This Way~Thelma Houston

01. The Appleseed Cast Sunlit Ascending

One of my favorite tracks from ASC's new album "Peregrine." I got to see them live for the first time back in November at the Varsity Theater. Amazing live band, very cool to hear this song played live since there are a lot of drum machines in this track (all played live at the show).

02. Rites of Spring Remainder

Guy Picciotto fronted this DC punk rock band before joining Fugazi. Fast, loud, screamy punk rock.

03. Usurp Synapse You thought you were special, you were wrong

One of the longer Usurp Synapse songs, clocking in at 01:06. One of my favorite hardcore bands. From the fertile hardcore grounds of Indiana (no joke), these guys combined grindcore style drumming, noise guitar with screamy vocals. I've read they also loved to make album packaging no record store would dare carry. One album they did promoted suicide and was packaged with an actual razor blade. Take that establishment!

04. The Cure Gone!

Not my favorite Cure song. "Wild Mood Swings" wasn't my favorite album by them either. I remember it came out right after I got my driver's license and I could finally drive myself to the record store. I bought a lot of records that year, this being one of them.

05. Hum Winder

Hum is one of my favorite bands. This track is from their second full length "Electra 2000." They were marginally popular in the mid 90's, but they totally won me over with their final album "Downward is Heavenward." Every time I hear anything off "Electra 2000" I instantly think... "Man that was so 1993."

06. Love Lost but Not Forgotten Believe

These guys are from St. Louis. My friend Brian gave me this CD and said I would like it. He was right. I need a glass of water after listening to these guys. They have two vocalists who have to be completely mute from being in this band. Amazing technical execution of hardcore.

07. Iron & Wine Muddy Hymnal

Ahh... the complete opposite of LLBNF. Whisper vocals and simple guitars. I usually don't like this genre of music, but I seem to enjoy every album Iron & Wine puts out, "The Creek Drank the Cradle" (of which this track is off of) is probably my favorite.

08. The Weakerthans (Manifest)

The opening track from "Reconstruction Site". John K. Samson (vocals/guitar) is one of my favorite lyricists. He's witty, but never stumbles into novelty territory. This album got some serious play in my stereo back in 2003.

09 Placebo Slave to the Wage

Another one of my all time favorites. They are from London and craft some of the best modern pop songs. I got to see them live 11.03.06 at the FineLine. They don't come through MN often so I jumped at the chance to see them live. They play soccer stadiums in just about every country on the planet, but in the US they play 700 seat clubs. Strange.

10. Sleater-Kinney What's Mine is Yours

They just called it quits, but "The Woods" was a great final album. They didn't depart from familiar territory much, but managed to make an album that really stands out amongst the rest of their catalogue. More noise and psychedelic then they normally are.

1 teach yourself- norwegian
uh...well...you got me
2 afterglow 61 - son volt
my favorite album that jay put out. by far.
3 tumbling dice- rolling stones
this band sucks.
4 streets of baltimore- gram parsons
at one time i wanted to meet a man like gram parsons and marry him.
5 bandwitch- broken social scene
6 imagine- joan baez
7 why o why- spearhead

8 wind that shakes the barley- dead can dance
my boss belly danced to this band today at work.
as he did that i was charming a whitefish out of the brine, while my coworker sat and bobbed her head.
9 jambalaya- hank williams
the theme song to "the last picture show" great movie.
10 tres cosas- juana molina
a tasty treat.

1) All Star | Smash Mouth
I took an on-line test once and was told that this was my personal theme song.

2) Molih Ta (Bulgarian) | Vida
Four women from Bloomington, Indiana singing world music. Simply amazing.

3) Mama Don't Allow | Wet Dog
Hey, it's Wet Dog.

4) Baby Mine | Bonnie Raitt & Was (not Was)
From a great album of Disney covers.

5) Regnum tuum veniat | Taizé
I used to lead a Taizé service back in Indiana. Very beautiful in its simplicity.

6) Everybody Must Get Stoned | The Black Labels
Love this cover.

7) Can't Be Sure | The Sundays
Remember the Sundays? I still love this album.

8) Simple Things | Robert Shanon Meitus & the Dorkestra
I knew Robert when I was at Purdue. He put out several really fine albums. This song features Carrie Newcomer who he is now married to. He now practices law in Indianapolis but Carrie is still touring.

9) Fall On Me | R.E.M.

10) Beautiful River | The Miserable Offenders
Can't remember where I picked up this album, but it's a group of women that do alternatively beautiful and unorthodox covers of hymns.

I don't have an iPrOD, but I have a Palm Pilot with a rather large media card and a player with a random setting. Therefore:

1) Samson / Regina Spektor - A new find with a near-permanent place on my player.

2) A Little Respect / Erasure - Everytime I refill my card I see this song and wonder why it's still on there.

3) These are the Days / Jaime Cullum

4) Where do we go from here? / From the Buffy Episode 'Once more with Feeling'. - This song (and, indeed, every song from the episode that is on my Palm) simply cannot be justified. Nevertheless, they are there.

5) Flower of Scotland / Steve McDonald - What playlist is complete without one (of several) drinking songs?

6) Wagon Wheel / OCMS

7) Cigarettes and Chocolat Milk / Rufus Wainwright - A deliciously evil song about a deliciously evil subject by a deliciously evil man.

8)Kismhul's Galley / Jiggernaut - Their treatment of this old favorite is both sad and stirring.

9) Fette's Vette / MC Chris. - My lowbrow/bad taste/geekbadge.

10)Ultraviolet (Light my Way) / U2 - Even the most deranged person has to respect the classics.

1. Rasputina Doomsday Averted. - I get a kick out of this band a three cellist rock band, makes for a very lush sound.

2. Hank Williams Happy Rovin' Cowboy. - The original, and best, Hank Williams. Although his grandson kick three kinds of ass.

3. Beck Beercan. - Well, you know, it's Beck.

4. Betty Carter Everytime we say goodbye - Carter was not quite avant-garde but anyone who can improvise 20+ mins straight has got serious chops.

5. Cracker Blue Danube - Not as good as early Camper Van Beethoven, but Lowery had some good tunes with this band.

6. Robyn Hitchcock Grooving on an inner plane. - Dance dance [revolution?].

7. MC5 Miss X. - Not their best, but no one can doubt MC5 rocked.

8. Django Reinhardt Vous et Moi. - One of the best guitarist ever, and he was unable to use two fingers on his left hand because of an accident with fire. A gypsy, unpredictable, and very very cool looking.

9. The Modern Lovers Someone I care about. - In one of those moments of precognition I KNEW there would be a Modern Lovers song on this list. To me this album has it all. The right combination of dissonance, rhythm, lyrics. It is one of my absolute favorites even though as a whole I rate Johnathan Richman a B.

10. The Blacks Going Out West. - In general I dislike Tom Waits covers, for the simple fact that he consistently gives the definitive rendition. This cover, however, is awfully damn good, as is the album.

1) Cue the Strings/Low

2) Dark LIght/Nadine

3) Scarlet Letters/Chainsuck

4) 5 Years/Bjork

5) A Nanna (My Eldest Sister)/Djur Djura
[She's an Algerian/Berber exile with a rather fascinating life.]

6) Elevation/Roger Eno

7) At My Window Sad and Lonely/Billy Bragg and Wilco

8) Shoot or Stab Them/Utah Philips & Ani DiFranco
[A little story about Lucy Parsons.]

9) White Lily/Laurie Anderson

10)Dinner With Friends/Count Basie and Orchestra

Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland Illinois-Sufjan Stevans
I live in Chicago but I have no idea where Highland Illinois is. I use to go up to Pelican Lake as a teen with my family and I would sit on the edge of the dock with my best friend Cheryl hoping to see UFO’s. Instead we were attacked by a loon. But that’s another story for another day.

Citizen CIA-Dropkick Murphys-Bagpipes and rock. I like it. But the CIA scares me. I have been watching too much Prison Break.

Crazy-Gnarls Barkley-this is a guilty pleasure of mine. Guilty because it’s on the August Mix Tape Madness that I made but never mailed. Tomorrow. Really.

Heartache Tonight-Eagles-Love the classic rock. I like to sing this in the car.

Confusion-Zutons-it’s a nice little song.

Hot Cookin-G'Love- use to be a big fan.

If I Were-Kermit the Frog-This is a sweet love song from Kermit the Frog. When I was at UMD I was in the Young Poet’s Guild. We made homemade valentines one year and sold them in that hallway by the store and lounge. Mine all had the lyrics to this song on them. love you.

Everything In It's Right Place-Radiohead-One of the best shows I saw in 2006

Gwn mi wn – Gruff Rhys-this song is so completely awesome. It makes me chair dance while I type

Rocket’s Tail-Kate Bush-this is from the Sensual World which is the first CD I bought. Well really it was a tie. I got Sensual World and The Wall.

Demon Sweat - Ween
Zac is wrong about Ween. They're always a hit

I Love Rock 'N Roll - Joan Jett
No explanation necessary, right?

Ditch - The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
One time I was previewing the JSBX at a record store, and my wife listened and said, "you're not buying that are you?" and I said "why yes, I am" and she said "no, you're not."
I didn't. Until another day when I went to the record store alone.

S.W.A.T. - The Ventures
I found this fantastic album at a discount store in Omaha. Fan-frickin tastic theme songs - Star Trek, Baretta, Mission Impossible, Also Sprach Zarathustra, and of course, Hawaii 5-0

Poinciana - Esquivel

the jesus and mary chain - Surfin' USA
found this in my naughty napster days

Comfortably Numb - Scissor Sisters
Thanks Mike

Superfly - Curtis Mayfield
That's how I roll

Tomorrow Never Knows - Jimi Hendrix
Pretty damn bad. Bad bad, not good bad. I'm deleting it right now.

Beyond Belief - Elvis Costello & The Attractions
Um, I dunno ... good song.

i love these threads but alas, i don't own an ipod...perhaps if i did, i'd still have the great destroyer and things we lost...poor dears were stolen along with a few others from the car by idiot neighborhood kids...


That was so much fun I decided to do it again.

This is a Stephen Malkmus party!

1. Feist - Lonely Lonely
go to allthingsfeist.com to listen to this live. I'm Serious.

2. Arizona - Some Kind Of Chill

3. Beth Orton - Conceived

4. The Supremes - My World Is Empty With Out You

5. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - The Tracks of My Tears

6. El Perro de Mar - Candy

7. Jason Collet - We All Lose One Another
If you listen to this song, you will never stop. Its one of "those" songs.

8. The Raconteurs- Level

9. Tom Waits - Walk Away

10. The Shins- A Comet Appears

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