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What can suck the life out of a Duluthian faster than a Skeksi killing a Gelfling? The Warmer by the Lake "festival." I won't waste too much space on this other than to report a few observations: First, the Public Address system was set up by a deaf person (no offense to the deaf). Turned up to eleven and very treble-heavy - not a good combination when it's the oldies station DJ doing the play-by-play of the tug-of-war ("Now THAT'S gotta hurt!"). Speakers everywhere. Bonfires fueled by damp driftwood logs - couldn't get close enough to roast a marshmallow, and if you could, the smoke was relentless. Skating ice so bad it could only support those 10 and under (and even that was a stretch). Sledding hill with no snow = 10 foot mound covered with electrical cords (to power said P.A. system) that served simply as a ten-foot rolling hill. No food other than the aforementioned marshmallows, and the obligatory mini-donut stand.
Just wanted to pass along a hearty thank you to all of my friends who failed to steer me away. I hope you all feel my daughter's disappointment.
Actually, I think Duluth, overall, does a stand-up job with its civic events. This, however, was more than forgettable. Thanks to the canal park business district, especially for the shameless coupon sheet offered to the festival-goers.


I feel Stella's disappointment...and I'm sure Charlie was equally as put off...

Unfortunately this is par for the course for many city sponsored events, buddy. That's why we have things like Homegrown...

Though, in their defense, this is a pretty sucky year for snow. I imagine they had to do a lot of scrambling to improvise activities.

On the outside, I'm kinda glad I'm retired from doing music festivals and the like. Homegrown's more than worth it enough to be a part of in some capacity. It gives me some redemption for not being able to get out and see more live music.

hey...shoot me a call, eh nick?

you got my digits, right?

I knew, eventually, there would be a year that the fesival went bad.
I have gone since the inception and it has been fabulous.
Each year they added something fun but now it sounds like a typical Duluth festival.
Maybe it could be once you add a mini donut vendor any event turns ghastly.
How were the fireworks?
I missed this year due to a birthday party.

Oh yes, thanks for asking. The Fireworks, too, were abysmal.

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