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PDD Game Night

gamecrossing.jpgBreak out your board games. It's official. This Monday, January 8th, by declaration of BadCat! and myself, is PDD Game Night at Robin Goodfellow. Show up. Geek out. I'll be starting Märklin around 6 o'clock. Anyone want to host another game?


Tamara plays a mean game of cutthroat Pay Day...

No Atari?

I can bring my Atari2600 complete with the cool games...although I need a new switcher thingamabob for the tv...

or I can bring a multitude of geek-themed games, including LOTR Monopoly, LOTR Risk and Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, complete with the R2D2 Spinning Robot...

But as the most boring person in the Twin Ports according to Alison, I should probably just bring my deck of Hoyle Playing Cards and play solitare.

Board games and card games sound great! I want to see the R2D2 Spinning Robot.

Robin Goodfellow really discourages electronic gaming in their game room. Part of the mission of RG from its inception (and I was there) was that they would provide games and space for games for people to interact with people and to encourage the players' imaginations.

By the way, I hadn't mentioned it, but having a game night at Robin Goodfellow on Monday is particularly appropriate since it is also the birthday of the owner/founder.

He, of course, will be celebrating by being at the State of the City address.

Whoop. Di. Doo.

Is anyone interested in getting pizza while we're there? Or having snackaroonies?

I'll be coming straight from work and picking up Hazel so I'll be hungry...

I plan on ordering out for either pizza or Chinese. Erbert and Gerbert's is also a real possibility.

I'd be up for pizza. :)

I'll be bringing several extra games, so show up if you'd like some geeky fun! :D

Here's the post game night report: Much fun was had. Eight people showed up and we ended up playing Märklin with teams, for the most part, though BadCat! and I soloed. Epithets were hurled with great merriment. Pizza was et. It ended up we only played one game but it was quickly decided that we needed a rematch. So, next Monday night, January 15, we will have another game night at Robin Goodfellow. I'll be there with Märklin ready to go at 6pm. If people want to come with other games, they are most welcome.

Oh, and did I mention I won?

Oh, and did I mention how badly BadCat! went down in flames after trying to screw me over royally?

I didn't? How careless of me.

And to RevAaron I say: OMGWTFLOL!

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