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pdd banners / flickr

Say, I just noticed that Flickr is changing a few things, including email sign-in. Is this going to affect pdd banner submissions? And what can we do to replace it if needed?


The Flickr page is enealio's realm, but I don't think it will be affected. The changes don't concern emailing photos to the account, as you might think. Rather, they're discontinuing their old system where your username was also your email address (email sign-in). Now, your username is your Yahoo handle (Yahoo sign-in).

I might be talking out of my ass, but I don't think it has anything to do with actually emailing photos to the account like we do with the banners.

Sounds good. I don't use Flickr a whole lot, so wasn't sure, but noticed a lot of people where starting to bitch about it/the changes.

geez, these informational posts snag me up every time.

oh well...

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