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Ooooh Lily!


Yvonne de Carlo died on Monday. She performed in Duluth in July of 1976. Maybe some old coot out there could comment on that. I was three years old, so my memory is a little fuzzy.

By the way, I found the picture above on this site. There are more pictures there, and as you scroll down the page your eyebrows should climb higher and higher up your forehead.


RIP, Lilly Munster

Yvonne de Carlo - Here's a working link.


Yvonne was in Duluth for the Denfeld 50 yr All-Class Re-Union.

Gabe Kaplan was a quick comedian at the DECC, telling old jokes from Welcome Back Kotter.

Good times, good memories.
No, not an old coot. Still running Grandma's Marathon.....how 'bout you, slick?

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