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One Year Closer to the Singularity!



I'm pretty sure this is why I drink.

Or, put more succinctly -

"Ignorance is bliss."

anyone up for some call of Cthulu?

Here we go. A Call of Cthulhu role playing session...

You may go mad, roll the sanity dice.
You didn't go mad, roll the sanity dice again.
Okay, you're just a little eccentric. You want to do what? Okay, but you have to roll the sanity dice again.
Okay, now you are loopy, but not quite stark raving mad. So, what would you like to do now?
Okay, I have to make a secret roll. Okay, now you are sociopathic and think human intestines make for fine jewelry. Shall we play some more?

Yeah. Call of Cthulhu role playing reminds me of all of those early teen D&D sessions where the DM spent all of his time plotting against the players as how to pick them off one by one.

Thanks, but no thanks.

What do you mean early sessions--they still do that.

Sanity rolls were the LAST thing we had worry about. I actually had some good fun playing CoC. Ever play Paranoia? Kind of like Logans run meets Brazil and reading rainbow with hal9000 running the world..Players were encouraged to kill other players.
Anyone wanna play?

LOVE Paranoia.

GM: what are you going to do, Bob?

BOB: I'll open the door.

GM: what are you going to do, Bill?

BILL: I'll kill Bob while he's busy opening the door.

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