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New Year's Resolutions


What are yours?


1. Stop doing my own dental work.

2. Stop picking that scab.

3. Stop picking other people's scabs.

Sorry, only got three.

In the year 2007 I resolve to:
Learn to eat fire.

Get your resolution here.

1. find places to ski (X country - classic and skate)
2. ski

i'm torn between:

Being less of a curmudgeon and

Taunting hippies just a little more.

climb harder
bike further
drive less

I want to gain weight and be less nice.

But InDog, you ARE a hippie!

oh now...why you gotta be like that?

Since it's the year 2007 I put some very appropriate resolutions up on my blog.

Very nice resolutions, Ironic1!

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