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More Rawk



BTW, Amy A. said the new State Champs album hit the streets just yesterday, the SuperTacks first album, "Onwards and Awkwards," is awesome and Mary Bue's new record should be out in about two weeks. Anyone I'm forgetting?

i do believe i'm down for this. it certainly would justify hauling all of this heavy music-related shit from duluth to bellingham (which is dusty).

28 days. The same amount of time the powers that be have deemed it's necessary for drug/alcohol treatment to take effect. Hmmm. Recording an album is a lot like going into treatment, actually. It typically takes 3 days or less to record an if thousands album. Hmmmm.......

I've been practicing mashups with the new 365 day project material, I may have a song in 28 days.

I'm putting out my debut on February 16th.

Dave Mehling

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