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It's ME!!!


yes, as purple noted, I'm back. It's been a few years, and I don't remember how to add a comment so I figure I'll reintroduce myself. Kelly. I've lived in Duluth all my life and love it. I do some volunteering, but I probably shouldn't say where for safetys sake. I'm 20 yrs old now. Female. I live with my ma and my cats (Yes, I live with that nutty thing that I found outside a few years back.) I dabble in painting a little. I wrote a great post on myself a few years back, including talk of an abandoned warehouse we used to hang out in. There was a debate if I was real or not. But you'll never know!


say...it IS kelly...!!!

welcome back!

It sure is! And I figured out how to make comments again YAY!!!! Thank you much for remembering me! Do ya like my pictures??

Kelly is back. Wow. Now we just need the return of the madbloggerwhatblogsatmidnight.

YAY!!!!!! People love me still!!!! I love me too!!!!...So.....anyone want a cat? No I'm kidding, for all the scratches and face bites, I still can't give up that crazy thing....

hey kelly... how's russ doin'?

Good! He got an adorable little puppy, a pug/chihuahua. His daughter will be 2 next month! She's so f-in cute! I love her!!!!!

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