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Intro and Shameless Promotion

I'm one of those "registered users" that have never posted so of course I'll use my introductory post for a little shameless promotion.

I've lived in Duluth since 1995 and I've created both Charitable Crafters and the Northwoods Fiber Retreat. Well, our next fiber retreat is coming up March 1st-4th at YMCA Camp Miller in Sturgeon Lake. If you like to knit, crochet, spin. or you just want a little "creative time" to yourself, check us out. You can register online or contact me for more info.

Oh, and I have one cat that pukes a lot, one husband that doesn't puke a lot, and two kids of the teen/pre-teen persuasion.

And now, you know everything!

A.K.A Debbie


Everyone should go to Debbie's blog and see the handknitted Green Day heart grenade. I wouldn't even kid you about something as cool as that.

Welcome, Debbie (Tina?). The Green Day grenade is awesome-I'm mostly a follow-the-pattern knitter so it's inspiring to see the stuff people come up with on their own.

The grenade is awesome, and the pie is freakin' spectacular!

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