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He said it would be like this.

It looks like George Kessler's back doing the weather on Channel 3.

The Pat Kelly/George Kessler (P.K. & G.K.) power duo will surely leave the other news teams eating their dust in no time.


Homecoming party?

PDD should send him a bunch of flowers. Or maybe some gaming dice or something.

What's george's "bend bars, lift gates" anyway?

fuckin' A! George is back! Tam and I saw him in Target a few weeks ago...Looking back, I should have taken it as an omen that he would once again be prognosticating meteorological happenstances, quoting records and filling my head with wonderful weather factibulations.

Hopefully, he'll bring back the snow.

18/00, I'd guess--40%. He's huge, but come on, Baci, he's no frost giant.

Geek Prom King for life I say!

MY BOYFRIEND'S BACK! I'm experiencing a warm front moving across my heart.


Look closely at his upper teeth, Or lack of them. They look like the rotted out of his face. he looks like a hillbilly. Was he punched? or just bad hygene last couple of years? he looks terrible!

Rickjf ~

Glad I'm not alone! I'd thought my mind or their lighting was playing tricks on me. I'd have thought it a ratings stunt of some sort ~ you know, to get people talking and to tune on George & off the others ~ were it not for George's making a concerted effort to not show his upper teeth.

What is up with George's teeth?! Geez...

Shut up Kessler. I hope someone throws a pie in your face and puts a bugger on your cheeseburger.

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