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Framing Advice

I finally finished painting my living room and now I need to hang some stuff on the walls. I have a print that needs to be framed. Does anyone know of any framing/art stores that have decent prices or know of any artist types who do it as a side job?


I've looked around. If you go to a local shop it will cost you. I found and used these guys on the inter net. Very easy to use, tons of frames and great prices. All cut to order you just put it together with a few small screws provided. Check them out http://www.framesbymail.com/
My total cost with mat was $58 the best price I could find in town for the same frame and mat was $125.

i know nick schutz used to frame...he's a lawyer now...nick? ya listening?

My past comes back to haunt me yet again!!!
Yes, it is true that I used to frame and mat on the side. I do still have all the materials, but my workshop is in disarray. I am willing to consult if you wish. Don't worry, even though I am a lawyer now I do not charge by the hour for framing. E-mail me at [email protected]


sorry schutz...

Thanks for the help. I went with the website that Moe mentioned. Nice frame with a double mat for $96, hard to beat that.

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