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Ferrante and Teicher...

Anyone ever remember listening to these guys? At all? Ever? My dad has a bunch of their albums when I was growing up, and I listened to them a bit, but long before I really could appreciate what they were doing with those pianos (the rubber bits and cardboard between the strings, and the really experimental stuff they were doing) the albums became ruined because of water damage, and my dad's turntable no longer worked. Much to my chagrin now, because the old man in all his squareness did have a pretty nice collection of music.

I was watching the V.U./Lawrence Welk vid on youtube and for some reason their names popped into my head. A quick search revealed the following:



I love Ferrante and Teicher! When I was in high school, freshman year, my broadcasting final exam required a radio show. We had to introduce "the soothing sounds" of Ferrante and Teicher. That video is so cool!


I remember seeing them on tv shows and remember the pianos always facing each other. In the recordings, ya gotta love the way one piano is panned all the way left, and one is all the way right. Stereophonic glee. At the time, I had no idea what they were doing with the sounds and messing with the piano parts. That was pretty amazing.

Ernie Kovacs! Worthy of a Youtube search as well.

thanks for the memory jog...that's the Ernie Kovacs show they're playing on, no?

Have any of you guys heard their X-Mas album? I think it has a craphic of Santa riding a rocket on the cover. Absolutely insane stuff. "Sleigh Ride" has this creepy "scraaaaape!" on the piano strings where one usually pulss the whip cracks... Classic!

"This video has been removed due to terms of use violation."


What was the Comedy Central logo all about? Obviously a super old logo.

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