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A sad day...

Inventor of instant noodles dies at 96


and we, as duluthians, should care...why?

are you the most bored person in the twin ports?

alison, you haven't been reading this blog for very long, have you?

Yes, I am the most bored person in the Twin Ports! And proud of it! Woot!

When does my official certificate arrive in the mail, Barrett or Starfire?

Alison, this blog does represent the Twin Ports. But more importantly, its community of quirky bloggers; we're a community within a community.

If you don't like this community then read another blog; No need to be a troll. And as a Duluthian who enjoys quirky posts, I like this one.

Why should Dulthians care about this post? Well, obviously, if you eat Ramen noodles you will live a long life. And many people who choose to life in Duluth are poor....and eat Ramen.

As Slashdot.org pointed out: many a poor college student and programmer would have starved over the years without instant ramen.

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