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January 31, 2007

Yakking while driving...NOT a good idea.


Our purty rust free, never seen a winter Volvo...a sad day indeed.
All those warnings about distractions while driving...ALL true!

Mooninites Give Boston the Big F.U.


I suppose if it was more credible street art, versus corporate stoogery, they'd all have been rounded up and shot.

Our next Senator in '08

Looks like Al is going to run against ol' Norm.
Personally I hope he wins.

pdd banners / flickr

Say, I just noticed that Flickr is changing a few things, including email sign-in. Is this going to affect pdd banner submissions? And what can we do to replace it if needed?

He said it would be like this.

It looks like George Kessler's back doing the weather on Channel 3.

The Pat Kelly/George Kessler (P.K. & G.K.) power duo will surely leave the other news teams eating their dust in no time.

January 29, 2007

Half Glassed

JUAN WILLIAMS: Well, another question about Vice President Cheney – he said last week that – here I'm quoting – "we've encountered enormous successes and we continue to have enormous successes in Iraq." Two weeks ago you said, quote, "there hadn't been enough success in Iraq." So it sounds like there's a conflicting message there.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Oh, I don't think so. I think that the vice president is a person reflecting a half-glass-full mentality...


Somebody stab me directly in the eyeball.


Put me out of my misery. Please.

January 28, 2007

Tres Impossible?

I found a really interesting blog entry on my quest to update the current blog linkage for PDD.

It was talking about the hardest novels to adapt to film. While I disagree with the author's sentiment that all pre-20th Century novels can be easily translated to film (Samuel Richardson's Pamela, anyone?) the article mainly concentrated on post-20th Century novels.

So. What is your list? Which novels do you consider the hardest to adapt to film? Why? If you could have anyone direct the adaptation, who would you have direct and why?

The other list is a lot more complex than mine, but oh well. Here are five from my list:

-Kafka's "The Metamorphosis" - if only because the high amount of CGI that would have to be used to make a realistic man-cockroach would totally blow away the storyline... if I could have a dream director, I'd have to go with my buddy Jonathan Frakes. Scoff if you must, but I think he has a good feel for the absurd. "ST:Insurrection," anyone?

-"A Swiftly Tilting Planet" by Madeline L'Engle - I know they made "A Wrinkle In Time" for TV but it really sucked. I think that there's just so much of L'Engle's story that just can't translate to film. And I'd shudder to see how they made Gaudior. If I had to see this adapted, I'd want to see it directed by Wolfgang Peterson. I'd expect a lot from the guy who directed "Neverending Story" and "Das Boot."

-"Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon - If I had to see this in film, I really think only Mel Gibson could do it justice as a director. And I feel a little queasy writing that. He would get the epicness and the historical accuracy of the story. He would perhaps also be able to get the complexity of the novel onto film. But maybe I'm dreaming...

-"Pamela" by Samuel Richardson - if the length doesn't make the case for hard to adapt to film (over 500 pages), I don't know what else to say. However, if it were to be made into a film, Merchant-Ivory are the only ones to do it justice.

-"Snow Crash" by Neal Stephenson - I'd really like to see someone bring Fido to life. Perhaps Iain Softley (of "Hackers" fame) could attempt a filming of this... but I just don't think it will happen.

January 27, 2007

Suffering for the tunzes

You know there is not many bands I'd travel 8 hours to see. The Pogues with Shane MacGowan is indeed one of them. They are playing in Chi-town in early March, and so a pilgrimage will be made.

January 26, 2007

PDD Game Night!

Anyone up for another PDD Game Night? This Monday, Jan 29th, at 6 PM at Robin Goodfellow. This would be our fourth, and we've had a great time each night! So far, we've played Ticket to Ride (Germany) and Settlers of Catan both really good and popular games. We are going to play again this Monday, and if you're interested in playing board games with fellow PDDers stop by. If there is a certain game you'd like to play- bring it! If people want, we'll order food again. If I can figure out how to play it, I'm going to bring my new game, Battlestations.

In the past we've had as many as seven people, and there will be at least three other people this Monday. Hope to see you then!

Looking for a show in Duluth tonight? Why not this one?

More info on the bands:

> Portrait of a Drowned Man
> Cars & Trucks
> Nick Robin

January 25, 2007

Submission Party!

After all, everyone has to get it off on occasion, so why not make an occasion of it? Submitting one's writing to journals and magazines that is.
Resolved to send out your work to get published this new year? Lake Superior Writers is hosting a Send-Off party this Saturday, 1/27, from 3-7pm at the Marshall School Annex Building 1301 Rice Lake Rd.
What we'll have: a few publishing guides, a photocopier, a computer (or two), coffee, and a place for people to share their experiences in a creative and supportive envirionment.
What you'll bring: your poetry, essays and/or short stories for submission, envelopes and stamps (snacks would be a bonus). Come for just a little while or stay the whole time. Writers of all abilities are welcome

Any questions? contact mccormie at yahoo dot com

January 24, 2007

Red Alert! All Hands to Battle Stations!

Set phasers to... aw, screw it, arm photon torpedoes and blast 'em.

"Holes" at the Duluth Playhouse


Come see the Little Pirate & me in the last week of "Holes" at The Playhouse.
Thursday & Friday (Jan. 25 & Jan. 26) at 7p.m.
Saturday, Jan. 27 at 1 & 4 p.m.
Sunday, Jan. 28 at 2 p.m.

More Rawk


January 23, 2007

Civil Liberties...

As wholesome as apple pie!

Hell yeah...

Roller Derby?

I heard rumors of a Twin Ports Roller Derby league. Is this concept true, or just some drunken hallucination I had one night?

Let's make it fun...

In the fine tradition of the North Land, let's a enjoy this years 'State of the Union' by supporting the liquor industry. "Let's set the rules"

For those of the non-alcohol folks suck as myself, use NA beer and Cranberry Juice. (this is only a suggestion) . The deeper into the show, your may start to desire a trip to the liquor store. This can become overwhelming so have your sober buddy's phone number on speed dial.

Random Rules.

yo random rules

The Onion has a regular feature called Random Rules in which they interview a celebrity and have them set their mp3 player on random and then talk about the first 10 songs that come up. I don't expect the Onion to be calling any time soon so I will do it my self.

My 5th generation 30GB Black iPod is set to shuffle, here we go.

1. Discretion Grove | Stephen Malkmus
Ex-Pavement leader Malkmus once let me tag along to Fon-Du-Luth Gaming Casino for some Blackjack after their show at the Shriner's Hall. I promptly lost 40 bucks.

2. Keep on Drinkin' | Devil in a Woodpile
These boys are from Chicago and they played at Greenman once, it was great.

3. I Had A Real Good Mother & Father | Gillian Welch
All I need is some Gillian and Dave and coffee and the New York Times and that is a perfect Sunday morning.

4. Hush | James Moors
James Moors a.k.a. Sterling Waters gave us this song for the Treasure Chest compilation to benefit Pearl Swanson. I like the way his voice wraps around my head.

5. Green Rocky Road | Charlie and Emily Parr
This is random right? This is the first track from Treasure Chest and I love the way their voices sound together and of course Charlie's guitar playing is spot on as always.

6. Nap Rico Van | John Swihart
A playful little organ track from the Napoleon Dynamite Soundtrack.

7. Apple Tree | My Sister's Moon
OK, this is getting weird. We have another entry from the Treasure Chest album. This one is really sweet. The Hatten family wrote and performed this together. It is baby Pearl's favorite song.

8. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star | Starfire
I swear I am not promoting Treasure Chest. This is my feeble attempt at a lullabye, I don't completely hate it.

9. Gravity | The Dragon's
I have no idea who the Dragon's are but this song was written by Alejandro Escovedo. It appears on a tribute album to help Mr. Escovedo recover from Hepatitis C.

10. Horn | Nick Drake
A plaintive little acoustic number from Mr. Drake. It reminds me of rain in the springtime.

Now it's your turn PDDland. What are your Random Rules? Make your own post or just leave em in the comments.

January 22, 2007

Rock + Roll this Friday...

More info on the bands:

> Portrait of a Drowned Man
> Cars & Trucks
> Nick Robin

January 21, 2007

Wh@7 @r€ ¥0µ?

i am an extreme geek


Jesus Christ, Help Us All Lord


January 20, 2007

Let's Shoot Something.

Sharyn Morrow aka Mass Distraction

Hello there! I thinks it's about time we stroll with our cameras again. Yes! The Flickr Photowalk is back. This Sunday Sharyn of Mass Distraction fame will be in town and she will be our honorary guide. I don't have a time yet but I wanted to get the word out early.

Sharyn is the Minneapolis/St. Paul Flickr community representative and has led many a Photowalk in the big cities to our south.

So grab your cameras, start a Flickr account and join us this Sunday.


Let's meet at the Rose Garden at 9:30 and make our way to Pizza Lucé for brunch. Don't feel obligated to have brunch we are just making that our end point. Send me an email if you have any questions.

Could you reply why your meat is so short? ;-)

That would be my favorite subject line of all the penis enlargement spam I've recieved.

I wonder how a guy who thinks his penis is small might reply.

"Well, I was born with a small penis. I thought it was normal at the time, but it just didn't get any bigger. Then, there was the incident in shop class ..."


Anyone who appreciates art or just plain beautiful stuff should check out this store. It's an all-Indonesian furniture and whatnot place called IM Imports in a weird spot off Garfield Ave before Goodwill. It's at the far end of that big, ugly, gray, near-empty building that was built not long ago . There are some affordable things in there, but most of it is way out of my price range. You owe it to yourself to at least check out the large benches made from roots -- and the hand-carved table made from one single teak root (ahem... at $12,000). If you don't say "wow" at least once while walking through their showroom, there's something wrong with you. Super nice people run it, too, and they won't follow you around like ravenous weasels. I guess they also have a very small store store in Fitger's (or Dewitt Seitz?), but it's nothing compared to this. Very cool stuff. Open Mon - Sat at 10 am.

January 18, 2007

Duluth on FARK

Once again, Duluth made it into the FARK headlines. Pretty weak story, but still...

January 17, 2007

Making Beer w/Barrett and Paul


You may have missed the series "Making Beer w/Barrett and Paul," which was made for The Product in 2005. The various parts have never appeared together in one easy-to-locate post, until now.

I’ll warn you that it’s low-tech, low-resolution and low-brow. Still, the Pioneer Press called it a “multichapter masterpiece,” so it must not suck too bad. Here’s the links:

Part 1: Preparation
Part 2a: Starting Over
Part 2b: Fermenting
Part 3: Bottling
Part 4: Tasting

Saving the planet 101 -- one person at a time.


I know this is not A Duluth thing, but I want to point out the great work that is going on up here in Ely by some hard working and adventurious individuals. Will Steger is gearing up to set off to the artic one more time. This time, not to be a hardcore eplorer but to show first hand the effects of global warming on our beloved ice caps on the north. departure time is getting closer for the team and work up here is frantic and very exciting. I fell bad that all I give to the project is one night a week. It seems to be the least i can do. Please support this awesome effort and follow along with the gang online. Global Warming 101 Foundation.

The StarTrib ran this artical which goes into some of the details. Story Here!

Tours of the UMD Library

Tours of the UMD Library are being offered the week of January 29th.

The tours will point out collections and resources that people may not be aware of, as well as architectural features. Learn about the media room, where the bestsellers are, where the best places are for quiet study, where the librarians' offices are, where the old journals are, where the microfilm is, how to borrow DVDs, where the newspapers are, where the Northeast Minnesota Historical Center is, and the location of the all-important Reference Desk.

Tour times:

Monday, January 29th, 2pm to 2:30pm
Tuesday, January 30th, 5pm to 5:30pm and 7pm to 7:30pm
Wednesday, January 31st, 9:30am to 10am

The tours will meet in the library lobby under the beautiful Chihuly glass sculpture.

Oh... Many people outside of UMD are not aware that they can use the UMD Library, including checking out books and DVDs and downloading articles. You can get a (free) community borrowing card that let's you do this. If you're in the library you can use any of the many many bibliographic databases that have tons of current scholarly research. So if you want to do research on something, this is a good place to go.

http://www.d.umn.edu/lib is the library's website....

January 16, 2007

Photoblog Class

Harbor City International School is teaching a Photoblog class this winter symposium, what a great idea. Please support the future PDD'ers by visiting the following links by clicking the below (Continue reading "Photoblog Class" ») and make some comments on the great work that they are doing.


January 15, 2007

Words To Remember


"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

Come out early, get to bed early.

January 14, 2007

Game Night Redux

You are invited to play Ticket to Ride Monday night at Robin Goodfellow starting around 6 o'clock. The eight of us had such a good time last Monday we decided to do it again. Further jsmith14 is bringing the other two editions of Ticket to Ride, so we'll have the USA, Europe, and Marklin (German) editions available to play. Some fun, huh? The games are fun, fast, and may cause the hurling of hurtful epithets.

January 13, 2007

Mentor Duluth Fundraiser

Every child deserves to have a person in their life whom they can count on to be there during childhood successes and struggles..

You can help out a great program and hear some great bands.So check out the music on the 19th or go for the magic and comedy on the 20th.Then again you can always hit both nights.
If you have yet to see The Brushstrokes ,we suggest you do.
you can find them here

Eclectic poly pair

January 12, 2007

Stabbing myself in the face...


Sorry for the title, I just can't resist provoking trolls....

Anyway, I want to tell you all about the coolest thing I've just found called Pandora. (hence the photo of Pandora... etc etc) Pandora is a radio station, err, stations sponsored by the Music Genome Project. It is free with banner ads but you can purchase a version with no ads and it seems relatively inexpensive.

The premise of Pandora is that you create your own station by starting out with one or a few artists. Pandora will play selections by those artists and then play selections by other artists with similarities either to the song or artists that you start out with. The music and computer geeks that run Pandora use a complicated formula of analyzing and listening to all sorts of music to figure out what they're doing and how the songs get to your radio station.

It also allows you to rate songs with thumbs-up and thumbs-down so you can decide whether or not you want to hear this song again, hear more songs like this song, or never hear it again.

You can listen to other people's stations and find quite a plethora of music on there... :D

There are some drawbacks:
1) You can't go back and listen to a song in your playlist again unless you go to your profile and bookmark the song.
2) You can't skip more than 5 songs in any playlist during a listening session.
3) The Flash isn't perfect - I've had it freeze on me a couple of times now. I'm upgrading to the latest version of Flash so I'll let you know if that solves the problem.
4) They're a little short on local music, however, when you submit an artist's name that they DON'T have in their database, they do actually go out and try to find that artist, listen to them and add them into the database.

Jimmy Johnson, this is right up your freakin' alley!

Anyway, here's my profile and my radio station.

On a sad side note: Iwao Takamoto, the creator of Scooby Doo, passed away on Tuesday, a mere three weeks after the death of Hanna-Barbera co-founder, Joseph Barbera. Velma, I always loved you. And now it's too late.... *sigh*

Kellogg's to Discontinue Incestuous Slogan




January 11, 2007

solar rental

Ran across this today (citizenre) and it interests me enough that I’m actually considering investing in it. To be sure I’ll be taking baby steps to try and avoid scams, but if it is legit I think it’s a great idea.

You “rent” a solar power array paying for the electrical power generated and used at the rate your power company would charge. If you rent for 25 years you pay the electric rate at year 25 that you did at year one. There is a $500 “security deposit”, otherwise it looks like there is no other out of pocket expense.

Kind of a cool business model.

The Duluth Playhouse's Discriminatory Policies

As some of you may know, the Little Pirate and I are in the production of "Holes" at the Duluth Playhouse, which is part of their Children's Theatre Arts series. It looks like it will be a good show and I'm very proud of the time & effort the cast and crew has put into the production.

However, I am extremely upset about the Playhouse's treatment of the cast & crew who volunteer their time on the Playhouse's children's productions. I was informed a few nights ago that the cast and crew of Children's Theatre Arts plays do not receive complimentary tickets (comps) in appreciation for their hard work. Meanwhile, the cast and crew of the regular season productions (adult plays) do receive two comps to their shows.

UPDATE: I received an explanation. There is not a set policy for comps, but the Playhouse does not give comps for children’s productions because they are trying to instill a sense of volunteerism in the youth. The adults in “Holes” can ask for comps and will probably receive them. My complaint was that I think the non-policy for comps should be equal for all productions (i.e. offered to everyone); I wasn’t fishing for comps so I won’t take them since they’re not offered to all of the cast & crew.

Anyway, I was told that they’re going to review this non-policy for next year so that it’s a little more equal.

As a cast member, I am insulted that my time is deemed less valuable than the time of those involved in a main season production. As a parent of a cast member and youth advocate, I am furious because I feel this policy is ageist. I feel that the Duluth Playhouse does not respect or appreciate the time and effort that these children put into these productions. Not to mention the time & effort these children’s parents put into these productions.

In your face, Milford!



January 10, 2007

Ooooh Lily!


Yvonne de Carlo died on Monday. She performed in Duluth in July of 1976. Maybe some old coot out there could comment on that. I was three years old, so my memory is a little fuzzy.

By the way, I found the picture above on this site. There are more pictures there, and as you scroll down the page your eyebrows should climb higher and higher up your forehead.

Local School Mentioned in Obscure Comic

Today's Gil Thorp:


January 09, 2007

Intro and Shameless Promotion

I'm one of those "registered users" that have never posted so of course I'll use my introductory post for a little shameless promotion.

I've lived in Duluth since 1995 and I've created both Charitable Crafters and the Northwoods Fiber Retreat. Well, our next fiber retreat is coming up March 1st-4th at YMCA Camp Miller in Sturgeon Lake. If you like to knit, crochet, spin. or you just want a little "creative time" to yourself, check us out. You can register online or contact me for more info.

Oh, and I have one cat that pukes a lot, one husband that doesn't puke a lot, and two kids of the teen/pre-teen persuasion.

And now, you know everything!

A.K.A Debbie

January 08, 2007

Ferrante and Teicher...

Anyone ever remember listening to these guys? At all? Ever? My dad has a bunch of their albums when I was growing up, and I listened to them a bit, but long before I really could appreciate what they were doing with those pianos (the rubber bits and cardboard between the strings, and the really experimental stuff they were doing) the albums became ruined because of water damage, and my dad's turntable no longer worked. Much to my chagrin now, because the old man in all his squareness did have a pretty nice collection of music.

I was watching the V.U./Lawrence Welk vid on youtube and for some reason their names popped into my head. A quick search revealed the following:


What can suck the life out of a Duluthian faster than a Skeksi killing a Gelfling? The Warmer by the Lake "festival." I won't waste too much space on this other than to report a few observations: First, the Public Address system was set up by a deaf person (no offense to the deaf). Turned up to eleven and very treble-heavy - not a good combination when it's the oldies station DJ doing the play-by-play of the tug-of-war ("Now THAT'S gotta hurt!"). Speakers everywhere. Bonfires fueled by damp driftwood logs - couldn't get close enough to roast a marshmallow, and if you could, the smoke was relentless. Skating ice so bad it could only support those 10 and under (and even that was a stretch). Sledding hill with no snow = 10 foot mound covered with electrical cords (to power said P.A. system) that served simply as a ten-foot rolling hill. No food other than the aforementioned marshmallows, and the obligatory mini-donut stand.
Just wanted to pass along a hearty thank you to all of my friends who failed to steer me away. I hope you all feel my daughter's disappointment.
Actually, I think Duluth, overall, does a stand-up job with its civic events. This, however, was more than forgettable. Thanks to the canal park business district, especially for the shameless coupon sheet offered to the festival-goers.

Commenting 101


As I mentioned in this week's Budgeteer article, there are a lot of PDD members who've never posted. I think this is because many members have joined to comment, not post. PDD membership, however, is not required for commenting.

To comment on another person's post, you DO NOT need to be a PDD member. You do, however, need to sign up with TYPEKEY. Your PDD username and password DO NOT automatically work with TypeKey.

TypeKey is an third-party authentication service we use to eliminate spam. Like all aspects of Perfect Duluth Day, it is completely free of charge.

If this has confused you in the past, I hope this helps to clear things up.

In short: To leave a comment on someone else's post, sign in with TypeKey. To create your own post, sign in to your PDD membership.

January 07, 2007

I'm bored....

Pooh & Tigger Playing 3017.jpg

First molesting, now assault.

I ask you, how many more children have to suffer before Tigger is made to pay for his crimes?

And what is up with the photo? Is Tigger adding something new to his rap sheet?

I don't know about you but I'm worried.

January 27 Anti-War March, Washington, D.C.

Join peace activists from across the Northland traveling to the massive anti-war march in Washington, D.C. on January 27! We will be marching to send a strong, clear message to Congress and the Bush Administration: The people of this country want the war and occupation in Iraq to end and we want the troops brought home now!

On Election Day, 2006, the voters delivered a dramatic, unmistakable mandate for peace. Yet the Bush Administration may be on the verge of escalating the war through new troop deployments. The new Congress has the power to end this war through legislation and through cutting off funds for the war. But they need to hear the voice of the people loud and clear, in the streets, to be pressured into taking action. The majority of Americans and Iraqis want the troops home - we have to march to make it happen!

All are welcome and encouraged to attend the protest. The bus will leave Friday morning, January 26, and return Sunday evening. To get on the bus to Washington from Duluth, Minn. or anywhere in northern Wisconsin, or for more information, visit www.peacenorth.org, or call (715) 398-6554. The cost is $125 per person. Reservations must be made by January 19.

January 06, 2007

It's ME!!!


yes, as purple noted, I'm back. It's been a few years, and I don't remember how to add a comment so I figure I'll reintroduce myself. Kelly. I've lived in Duluth all my life and love it. I do some volunteering, but I probably shouldn't say where for safetys sake. I'm 20 yrs old now. Female. I live with my ma and my cats (Yes, I live with that nutty thing that I found outside a few years back.) I dabble in painting a little. I wrote a great post on myself a few years back, including talk of an abandoned warehouse we used to hang out in. There was a debate if I was real or not. But you'll never know!

Charlie's Club Fire

I know its way after the fact but I came across my pictures of it just today and thought I would share. Sorry the photography isn't the best, all I had was my camera phone with me. I was still in my pj's with that huge group of people. It was a sight to be seen, anyways.

Charlie's 2(1).jpg

Charlie's fire 2(1).jpg

Charlie's fire.jpg

Charlie's aftermath.jpg

A sad day...

Inventor of instant noodles dies at 96

PDD Game Night

gamecrossing.jpgBreak out your board games. It's official. This Monday, January 8th, by declaration of BadCat! and myself, is PDD Game Night at Robin Goodfellow. Show up. Geek out. I'll be starting Märklin around 6 o'clock. Anyone want to host another game?

Sorry This Is So Late...


Framing Advice

I finally finished painting my living room and now I need to hang some stuff on the walls. I have a print that needs to be framed. Does anyone know of any framing/art stores that have decent prices or know of any artist types who do it as a side job?

January 05, 2007

More Press for PDD

In addition to the Future Tense story, PDD is also featured in an article in this week's Duluth Budgeteer.

Who wants to play?

pic162026_sized.jpgI just picked up my own copy of Ticket to Ride: Märklin edition and I'm eager to break it in. So let's get a game together. If you are interested respond below. I'm thinking this Monday night, January 8, around 6 o'clock in the Robin Goodfellow game room, but I'm open to suggestions if that time doesn't work for you or you have a place you'd rather play.

For those not familiar with the Ticket to Ride series, the basics are simple - you get destination cards that are worth points if you connect the cities on the cards by rail. In the original edition, for example, you could get a card that calls for you to build a rail between Duluth and Chicago. And, yes, Duluth is a city in the original game, even though the gamemakers seem to think Duluth is somewhere south of St. Paul.

ttrm1.jpgIn this version you are building rails in Germany so not only do you get to have the fun of the game but you get to figure out where Düsseldorf and Stuttgart are. Those with a knowledge of German geography will definitely get a speed bonus in this game. For those familiar with the other Ticket to Ride games, this edition adds passengers that you can send on rides to collect merchandise tokens for extra points. The game art in this edition is also particulary nice.

The box says that game play is about 45 minutes, but having played the game a half dozen times I can tell you that actual play takes about 60-90 minutes and add on 15 minutes or so for teaching the game. For veteran game players the rules are not that difficult.

MPR story on local blogs

There was a nice story on MPR last night on local blogs. PDD was one of the successful blogs of note in their segment. Cheers.


PDD gets a mention on Future Tense today as an example of a place blog.

January 04, 2007

music.. goodness?

For those of you who remember the 365 day project... It's back for 2007.

As well, here are mp3 recordings of the acetate Velvet Underground recording found awhile back.

And I guess I'll throw this in as well, a Youtube sync up of the Velvet Underground with Lawrence Welk

Poster (Jazz Foundation Concert).jpg

January 03, 2007

Go west my friends for winter splendor....

Fon Du Lac State Forest near Cromwell a nordic skiing paradise.

HPDMag Luce Spec-tack-you-larrr

This Friday. Not to be missed!

January 01, 2007

I thought I loved the downpour

Freezer floating.JPG

One Year Closer to the Singularity!


New Year's Resolutions


What are yours?

Lilo Says Happy New Year from Chicago!


Happy Gnu Year!