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Le Parkour - Duluth Style

Anybody know these folks?


that was so amazing. The music kind of got on my nerves but wow, those guys must ache sometimes.

yeah i know them through a friend.
they're pretty good, huh?

They are good, but I have to agree with Starfire on the music. I find most of these parkour clips have the same weighty, overblown epic soundtrack. It would be a lot more fun with, I dunno, guitar surf music or something like that.

Or hot jazz.

Green shirt's standing long jump to the picnic table is off the hook.

I just watched it to "Walking on Sunshine." Much different feel. I liked it. It even timed out pretty well.

1. Jumping over spiked metal fences seems unwise.

2. Where exactly are they going in such a hurry?

this video is hilarious. i'm an ex-skateboarder and i actually use to skate a buncn of those areas in the video... haha

That was awesome! It's great to see some locals doing the crazy shit I've only seen in France!
And am I wrong, or was there a chick there too?

Incredible!! I would love to see the out-takes/bloopers on that!

Definately badass. I don't mind the music, but that's me. The credits could be fixed though. There are a ton of awesome vids of this around- I can't imagine being that in shape to pull of this sort of 'Prince of Persia' stuff. It's definately cool to see this stuff happening in places you know- esp when you think "no they didn't!" on some of them. :)

Good thing they're trained professionals!

Hello there everyone! This is Clark from Le Parkour Duluth. We are very happy that you guys liked the video and even more that you found it and posted it on perfectduluthday. This video was made this last Fall '06 and when it was filmed we had been training for about 3 months. This winter we have been training indoors and are having a lot of fun. We are planning on creating another video this coming spring with a much better song, better quaility video resolution, faster movements, and harder tricks. If you are interested in joining us we have a group on www.facebook.com called 'Le Parkour Duluth'. Thank you very much for the comments, they will help us out very much in creating our next video. Special thanks to ironic1 & PerfectDuluthDay for spreading the word about Le Parkour.

I'm starting a new club called "La Park-Your-Ass Duluth". Basically, we sit on soft furniture and watch TV. Anyone interested?

Clark, thanks for making Duluth an even more interesting place to live.

Good. Goooood. Now while my army of ninjas are busily training, all I have left to do is secretly take over Genesis for the construction of my giant robot, and my plans will be complete. Bwahahahahahahaah! Anyone know where you can buy a whole bunch of red shirts? Bwahahahahahahaah!

For this La Park-Your-Ass Duluth: do we have to show up and whatever, or could we just telecommute? I have TeamSpeak.

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