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December 30, 2006

Wow, THE RAIN...

Crazy weather indeed. The sounds of the "end of the year' down-pour are great,

My New Year's Gift To You All....

Flashbacks to the "SW: Holiday Special", anyone?

And as a bonus gift:

December 29, 2006

Noticed anything different out there?




Tipping Etiquette


So, how many days should I leave out a holiday tip for the newspaper carrier before just giving up? At some point I have to assume the envelope is never going to be noticed or the gratuity is not appreciated.

I really would like my carrier to accept this tip. The service I have received throughout the year has been excellent, and I know delivering the daily paper is a tough job that doesn’t pay well.

So, I ask you, PDDers, the following questions: 1) Is there something wrong with my method? 2) Do people just not tip newspaper carriers anymore? 3) While we’re on the subject, what’s an appropriate amount?

December 28, 2006

reminder! call for artists $100 prize

Duluth Superior GLBTQAI Pride is accepting art submissions to be used in conjunction with the 2007 Pride.
The selected piece will be used for all D/S Pride materials including cover of Pride Guide, website, logo, buttons, etc. Please keep that in mind when designing.
Submissions must include the theme "Be Proud, Get Loud" as well as all the words "Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Transgender, Queer, Allied & Intersexed". No acronyms.
D/S Pride will retain all rights to said art.
Art must be submitted by Jan. 2nd and will be chosen at the next Commitee of the Whole meeting that night, 7:30 at the Androy Hotel Mezzanine. Everyone is welcome at this meeting including the artists submitting. Art will be chosen by those eligible to vote

for more info email: [email protected]

leave your alphabet jokes at the curb. i've heard them fucking all.

December 26, 2006

What's Your Favorite Screwed Up Translation?


A friend of mine wanted directions for ironing a patch on a jacket translated from French to English. She went to Babblefish, and this was the result:

"To place the piece on the part has patch, rating shining underneath. To push iron strongly on the piece during 30 seconds without displacing it (to count slowly until has 30) and to proceed from grandma on the back, also during 30 seconds."

I think that's my new favorite screwed up translation. Previously it was a sign on the road leading to the fisherman's cooperative in Tulum, Mexico, which read:

"Don't litter garbage, person who is suprised littering garbage will be finded by the local authorities."

December 25, 2006

Godfather of Soul

I am sure you all have heard, and I'm not going to link to a news story, but James Brown passed away early today, and that's a bummer.

Merry Chrithmath

Nov.&Dec.2006 046.jpg

December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all!

December 23, 2006

Introducing: Handy Posts


It really felt like a shame to let the post about free wi-fi connections in the area drop off the page, as it seemed so useful. No need! Now there's a place right over there in the sidebar for all the posts we need to keep alive and updated, for reference purposes. Let me know in the comments if you think this is a good or bad idea and why, and maybe what posts you'd like to dig out of the (recent) archives to be revived.

Stipulation: The posts must be useful, like the wi-fi post.

December 22, 2006

Hog Damage Collective New Year's


PEZ location

I am not new to PDD, but I am new to posting. I had problems posting a comment to the PEZ post, so I'll relay the information this way:
I do not know whether the Ms. Claus PEZ is there, but J. Skylark in the top floor of the DeWitte Seitz building had a formidable PEZ display. If you cannot find it there, you will likely not find it anywhere in Duluth. They also have lots of cool stocking stuffers (i got my wife a Holy Toast bread stamper, so she can have an image of Mary under her marmalade every morning. Finally, thanks to Ezra and Tamara for saving Christmas for me (or $50 anyway). Looks like I won the turkey sweepstakes, so I can cancel that ham order. Now if only I knew how to cook a turkey.

All I want for Christmas....

Mrs. Claus PEZ.gif

There's a new Christams PEZ, Mrs. Claus, and I have yet to find her in Duluth. If you see her, please get her for me and I'll repay you!

PEZ on earth,


"I find tinsel distracting."

A company in Milwaukee that makes hand-railing components is, once again, selling Festivus poles for the holidays. Which is awesome all on its own, right? But you know what makes it even awesomer? When the freakin' GOVERNOR has one!!

December 21, 2006

This just defies description...

'Twas right before Christmas, and all through Duluth
A plethora of turkeys came home to roost. (Frozen, that is...)
The freezer was emptied, space sure was made
and into that cold land the turkeys were bade.

One lone turkey stood out, it just wouldn't fit
It left indog and me quite in a snit
Until the lightbulb came on and we sat up with a start
Let's give it to someone, let's give them the heart (and gizzards, too...)

So we offer to you, our good friends and fam,
A frozen 14lb turkey, not green eggs and ham.
First emailed, first served, hope it won't matter
We drop off or you pick up - the turkey won't shatter.

Pickup or dropoff should take place Friday evening
'Cause Saturday day we shall be leaving.
We hope you will enjoy our little treat
We apologize for the poetry - the Tom and Jerry's have us beat.

All horrible poetry aside, we really do have a turkey to give away to the first person who emails us at pynt at yahoo dot com or leaves a comment on this post. The free turkey actually is sitting in our freezer right now, It's a Jennie-O brand, if that matters to anyone, and it is a 14lb bird.

Our preference is that you will pick it up but if you really can't, we can drop it off within the Superior-Duluth area sometime Friday evening. Otherwise, it will have to wait to be picked up on Tuesday as we are going out of town until then.

So... let the turkey war begin! Good luck!

December 20, 2006

There's children throwing snowballs, instead of throwing heads


Dress up as your favorite character and join A Whisper in the Noise and the Eclectic Cafe in celebrating their move to a new, larger space. Over the past 9 years, on less than less of a shoestring budget, the Eclectic Cafe has hosted performances by many a regional band and singer/songwriter; such as Charlie Parr, Lonesome Dan Case, Sight Like December, Devil's Flying Machine, Angie Stevens, Vicious Aloysius, Some People's Kids, Seth Doud, Steve Kaul & the Brass Kings, 30 Watt Bulb, Kid Dakota, Mary Bue and many more. You don't have to dress up, just come & celebrate! 717 Laurel St., Brainerd. AWITN starts about 9'ish.

December 19, 2006

Local 'zine survives 1 year


Come celebrate this Thursday with ...And The Heroine Screams Help!. We're a small 'zine that writes about the Duluth music scene. We are 100% supported by people coming to our shows, and this Thurs. we are celebrating one year of existance. We are also releasing Vol. 2 of our compilation CD series.

Thurs. 12.21.06
Pizza Luce
10pm | All Ages | $3

Music by:

> A Corrosive Melody
> Time Is Due
> Wormsley Common Gang

December 18, 2006

Happy Hour v2


A couple of weeks ago I posted about a T-57 show. The date said the 14th. That was wrong. Sorry for the error, we'd all been drinking or something
Here's the new, improved date. The 21st. Oohhhhhh, solstice-ey.
It'll be the longest, loungiest night of the year.

Carl Sagan Blogathon Dec. 20th

The ten year anniversary of Carl Sagan's passing will occur on Wednesday December 20th. (Only ten years? Really? It seems more like twenty...) There's a massive blogathon in the works. If you have something you'd like to add, post it and then post a link here (or email the guy.)

I don't know yet what I'm going to say, but you'll be able to check it out here sometime on Wednesday.

Perfect Duluth Weekend


LiveDiorama.JPG BervLindsey.JPG

AmericanGothicDiorama.JPG BobKaraoke.JPG

NoKids.JPG ThePads.JPG JanaAndSomeChick.JPG

December 17, 2006

"Treasure Chest" Reviewed.

Hey! The Budgeteer reviewed Pearl's benefit CD and they like it. Read it, buy it, give it as a gift.

CD Review: Duluth’s music community bands together for baby Pearl Matthew R. Perrine Budgeteer News - 12/14/2006

Pearl Swanson’s benefit album, “Treasure Chest,” is a remarkable affair. The fact that the compilation even exists is a testament to the kind of musicians that live and work among us.

It was conceived and put together in less than two weeks for Swanson, an adopted 8-month-old Ethiopian girl diagnosed with idiopathic cardiomyopathy (an enlarged heart).

Not only does the record showcase the region’s finest musicians, but it avoids the traditional pitfalls of hastily produced benefit discs.

Instead of relying on studio scraps and assorted B-side fodder, “Treasure Chest” favors new, quality recordings.

The album opens subtly with yet another infallible folk musing from Charlie Parr.

“Green Rocky Road,” on which he’s joined by his wife, Emily, seamlessly segues into Brother George’s dreamy “Brother John” and the Little Black Books’ relaxed cover of “Camp Grenada.”

Although that song’s opening lines (“Hello muddah / Hello faddah”) traditionally incite immediate and disgusted boos from yours truly, the Books’ reading is somehow enjoyable.

The same goes for most of the album.

Save for a few songs, the artists on “Treasure Chest” accomplish the feat of writing children’s songs without stooping to levels that make older listeners groan.

Craig Minowa, for instance, could have easily struck out with a song title like “Dream Music for Little Wizards,” but his meandering instrumental has just the right amount of sentimentality to work (given the context of the album).

Some artists don’t have to worry about the weepy factor, though.

Boy Girl Boy Girl’s take on “Knick Knack Paddy Wack” is just fun.

Although the liner notes suggest the song was recorded at the Play Pen by Tom Fabjance, its carefree nature hints of a cover-up.

If I were a betting man, I’d have to say it was recorded sometime in the ’60s … a ’60s that never existed outside of beach blanket parties filmed exclusively for the silver screen.

Similarly indicative of talent from a parallel universe, Both’s Greg Cougar Conley lets loose with “Billy Bumblebee,” a drum machine-fueled ditty that’s alternately nonsensical and wholly addicting.

Not only is it the album’s highlight, but one just has to ask, “Where has this guy been hiding?”

And, perhaps most importantly, “Why isn’t he featured more prominently on my MP3 player’s Pixies-dominated playlists?”

Other notables include the Black-eyed Snakes’ casual, heartfelt “Mama Knows What the Baby Wants,” Starfire’s sparse, no-frills “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and the Gallows’ winning run-through of “Rainbow Connection.”

Although it’s hard not to think about Kermit the Frog each time that song is covered, Marc Gartman and his cohorts have managed to pull off one of the most sincere moments ever put to tape.

No small feat, but surely neither was putting together this album.

“Treasure Chest” is available at www.pearl.perfectduluthday.com or the Electric Fetus.


For you computer gamers out there.. here is a free (beta) mmog, flash based, online game, fairly fun. It lets you set up action to take place while you are away from your keyboard.
Furry air pirates and plane flyers.
(warning they are having issues regarding Macs, so there may be game troubles if you use one

December 16, 2006

Something Positive For The Community

Thank you Heimer for Diaramarama II. It was great. The best part for me was realizing that one of my favorite bands from the Femme Fatale KUMD show was playing right in front of me: "Best Friends Forever." Somehow that fact had escaped my mind until they started their second song, "Abe Lincoln," the one I always hear on the air. Me and Jill Holmen pretty much spazzed out, bum rushed them after the show, bought two CDs and begged them to move to Duluth, where I assured them "instant stardom." I'm pretty sure they're actually thinking about it!!!

Free stuff!

I've got a rather decent sized stack of old car, boat and truck magazines I'd like to get rid of. Anyone know of a place that would appreciate these? I'd hate to throw 'em away if someone can get some use out of them.


December 15, 2006

TPB still TPB


Twin Ports Brewing is now Thirsty Pagan Brewing.

Does anyone need a new place?

Anyone need a 2+ bedroom apartment? We really need to be out of our lease by Jan. I know its not exactly the ideal renting time- but I just thought I'd check.

Anyone have this?

Klaus Flouride ex bass player from the DK. Hard to find album and I want it. Please e-mail me moeview (at) gmail

The Gallows CD Release Party


Turtles at Renegade

For the Trampled by Turtles fans out there, two of the band members make a video cameo called "Drinking With the Stars" in Renegade's holiday review this year. They face off against local newsman Pat Kelly and "that guy you always see at R.T.'s on Sunday." The show's called "The Renegade Experience, or Live Nude Santa" and more info's at http://www.renegadecomedy.org

December 14, 2006

Merry Christmas, Everybody!


Stare with your ears

Ok, this is the coolest thing i've found in the last week, Ken Nordine is podcasting parts of Word Jazz

Was this at the DECC?

Stare Wars - Episode 1

December 13, 2006

GLBTQAI - Sexual Identity Scrabble!

scrabble1So I saw c-freak's post below and realized that, at 7 letters, GLBTQAI could be a tray for Scrabble.

Here's the contest. This is your tray. You go first. Make your best word using these letters, knowing that you have the double word score to play off of. Since you are first, there are no other words on the board to play off of. Any words found in the Official Scrabble Dictionary are legal. In case of a tie, earlier entries trump later entries, so enter soon! I will determine the winner at 3 p.m. on Friday, December 15. The winner will have a $5 Gift Certificate at Robin Goodfellow waiting for them at the store.

(If anybody wants to contribute to the winning pot just to make it more interesting, let me know.)

Just in case you don't know or can't read the lousy webcam photo, here are the letter points:

G 2
L 1
B 3
T 1
Q 10
A 1
I 1

Good luck!

December 12, 2006

Cloud Cult Seeks Violinist

I was given the okay to pass this along:

Hi folks,

How are you doing? Good? Good! Glad to hear it.
Anyway, Cloud Cult is looking to add a 5th musician. We are looking for a violin player who can also cover some keyboard parts, female vocal lines, and generally be a nifty person. In bullet point format, here are the basic requirements:

-play violin
-Play basic keyboard parts (we're not talking Rachmaninoff)
-Sing female vocal lines
-be able to tour quite a lot
-Preferably used to working with a band, recording, concerts, etc.
-Generally a fine and/or dandy person
-live within a reasonable distance of Minneapolis/St. Paul

So, if you are this person or if you know this person get ahold of Matthew : [email protected].

Cloud Cult

Some cheese with your proscenium?

or how about:

This will actually be coming to St. Paul this spring.

I really think I need to start a theatre company here in the cities that only shows plays based on horror and sci-fi. and of course zombies. There is a serious lack of zombies on the stage.

Digital Blues=(


Does anyone out there have any experience in hard drive recovery? I recently moved all of my photos to a new external USB Hard Drive and when I went to access them yesterday well you can see above what they look like. I know I should have backed up to CD as well and had planned on it but I just bought this new drive so I guess I thought it would be fine for a while.

Nearly all of my photos taken with my Canon D20 were on that drive, including the photos for this weeks PHLOG exhibit.

So if you have any ideas let me know.

December 11, 2006

Captain, I'm having trouble getting a signal...

uhura_wifi.jpg[Edit: I've made this list into a wiki that can be added to or edited by anyone.]

[PDD WiFi Wiki Password: pdd123]

So, I was looking at on-line lists of wifi hotspots for Duluth and my considered opinion is that they suck. Let's compile our own list, shall we? Here are my criteria: It must be free and fairly consistent.

Amazing Grace Cafe and Bakery

Beaners Central
Bixby's Cafe
Caribou Coffee - Canal Park
Carmody's - Superior St
Chester Creek Cafe - 8th Street and 19th Ave
Continental Ski and Bike
DAC Deli - Tech Village
Duluth Children's Museum - Depot
Duluth Curling Club
Dunn Bros.
Erbert & Gerbert's - 1st St
Fitger's Brewhouse
Grandma's Great American Bar & Grill
Jitters - Superior St
Lakeview Coffee House
Quizno's - 4th St and Miller Trunk Highway
Red Mug - Superior
Sir Benedict's
Taco John's - London Road
Whole Foods Coop - 4th St & 6th Ave

[Update: I am updating this list as locations are added in the comments below.


Geeky video for Psapp's Hi!, which is described as "A legion of diodes doing a kaleidoscopic Busby Berkley dance routine".

It's pholg, it's pholg, better than wood its good

Weds the 13th (triskaidekaphobia sufferers welcome).

A plethora of images, some for sale.

come walk the trails and see what the local shutterbugs are up to.


Chrsitian McShane
Bill Reichelt
Bill Flannagan


Obligatory link

December 10, 2006

Party in the hole


ObsCuriosities Retro


Vintage Clothing, T-Shirts

Obscure Books and Movies (including new DVD's)

Purses, Jewelry, and Other Accessories

Cultural Artifacts

720 East 4th Street, 1 Block East of the new Whole Foods Co-op
Hours: Tuesdays - Saturdays, 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Credit Cards Accepted

(I tried to post our ad, but couldn't figure out how to do it. Hope to see you there!)

December 09, 2006

Tonight at RT's

This will be a rare Duluth appearance for The Surfactants, so I hope you can get there early! You'll also be able to pick up the new album from The State Champs. I don't know what The Keep Aways are up to, but just seeing them is reason enough to nab a booth and camp out all night in the depths of RT's booze-soaked bowels. Yay!

Your easy-reference schedule for Saturday


Here's the agenda for Saturday's rawk and/or roll supporting the benefit for Pearl Swanson.

8 p.m.
Jason Wussow & Sara Softich (Beaner's Central)

9:30 p.m.
Jeremy Messersmith (Beaner's Central)
Randy Lee Ensemble (Pizza Luce)

10 p.m.
The Surfactants (R.T. Quinlan’s)
Lookdown Moon (Carmody Irish Pub)

10:30 p.m.
Charlie Parr (Pizza Luce)

11 p.m.
The State Champs (R. T. Quinlan's)

11:30 p.m.
Teague Alexy (Carmody Irish Pub)
Tangier 57 (Pizza Luce)

12 p.m.
The Keep Aways (R.T. Quinlan's)

12:30 p.m.
The SuperTacks (Pizza Luce)

$10 passes are available at any of the venues at show time.
Advance passes can be purchased at the Electric Fetus.

December 08, 2006

Your easy-reference schedule for Friday


Here's the agenda for Friday's rawk and/or roll supporting the benefit for Pearl Swanson.

10 p.m.
The Alrights (R.T. Quinlan’s)
Jamie Ness (Carmody Irish Pub)
Jerree Small (Pizza Luce)

11:45 p.m.
Centerville All Stars (R.T. Quinlan’s)
Sloe Loris (Carmody Irish Pub)
Trampled By Turtles (Pizza Luce)

$10 weekend passes are available at any of the venues at show time.
Advance passes can be purchased at the Electric Fetus.



Oklahoma City has named an alley in honor of the Flaming Lips.

December 07, 2006

Fighting PDD

It turns out you can overcome PDD by force-feeding easily digestible, nutritious mush.

Thank god for small favors.

79 Recommendations



I disagree with these:

RECOMMENDATION 2: The goals of the diplomatic offensive
as it relates to regional players should be to:
i. Support the unity and territorial integrity of Iraq.

See http://www.mapsofwar.com/images/EMPIRE17.swf

• The United States should encourage investment in Iraq’s
oil sector by the international community and by international
energy companies.

Renewable energy, anyone?

These I like:

RECOMMENDATION 10: The issue of Iran’s nuclear programs
should continue to be dealt with by the United Nations
Security Council and its five permanent members (i.e., the
United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, and China)
plus Germany.

RECOMMENDATION 15: Concerning Syria, some elements
of that negotiated peace should be:
• Syria’s full adherence to UN Security Council Resolution
1701 of August 2006, which provides the framework for
Lebanon to regain sovereign control over its territory.

RECOMMENDATION 16: In exchange for these actions and
in the context of a full and secure peace agreement, the Israelis
should return the Golan Heights, with a U.S. security guarantee
for Israel that could include an international force on the
border, including U.S. troops if requested by both parties.

RECOMMENDATION 26: Constitution review. Review of
the constitution is essential to national reconciliation and
should be pursued on an urgent basis. The United Nations has
expertise in this field, and should play a role in this process.

RECOMMENDATION 28: Oil revenue sharing. Oil revenues
should accrue to the central government and be shared
on the basis of population. No formula that gives control over
revenues from future fields to the regions or gives control of
oil fields to the regions is compatible with national reconciliation.

RECOMMENDATION 40: The United States should not
make an open-ended commitment to keep large numbers of
American troops deployed in Iraq.

RECOMMENDATION 61: Programs led by the U.S. Department
of Justice to establish courts; to train judges, prosecutors,
and investigators; and to create institutions and practices to
fight corruption must be strongly supported and funded. New
and refurbished courthouses with improved physical security,
secure housing for judges and judicial staff, witness protection
facilities, and a new Iraqi Marshals Service are essential parts
of a secure and functioning system of justice.

RECOMMENDATION 72: Costs for the war in Iraq should
be included in the President’s annual budget request, starting
in FY 2008: the war is in its fourth year, and the normal budget
process should not be circumvented. Funding requests for the
war in Iraq should be presented clearly to
Congress and the American people. Congress must carry out
its constitutional responsibility to review budget requests for
the war in Iraq carefully and to conduct oversight.

RECOMMENDATION 77: The Director of National Intelligence
and the Secretary of Defense should devote significantly
greater analytic resources to the task of understanding
the threats and sources of violence in Iraq.


I would like to say to my band and the promoters of kamikaze that i am very sorry and ashamed of my behavior Saturday night. I have no excuses. Frank Nichols



That's the temperature in our Emerson room this morning. I hear it's 37F in the library upstairs. Good news, though: our brand-spankin' new boiler is scheduled to leave the factory any day now. Mmmmm. Heat.

December 06, 2006

The Red Mug

Lots going on this weekend, and much of it for a great cause. Consider this a place to warm up early Saturday night – Dr. Thunder’s Staircase mural is amazing!


p.s. Last year at this event I sold one of my hastily-crafted pieces of “art,” titled “Mustached Pistachio Man Choking on a Nut” to a local art patron named Zoey for $4,995.00. Unfortunately her check turned out to be a fake and bounced.

December 05, 2006

Actually, it could be just about anything


In a previous post about the mysterious timber crib that washed ashore last week, I included the text of a Duluth News Tribune story suggesting it's part of an old train trestle from the 1870s.

That's not the only opinion out there, however.


"Could also be the breakwater that failed time and time again before it was permanently removed," local author/historian Tony Dierckins told me last week.

Thom Holden, director of the Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center, told WDIO-TV the same thing today. The breakwater was built by the Lake Superior and Mississippi Railroad in the late 1800s to protect two grain elevators near that spot.

Dierckins also said the crib might be a part of those elevators, both of which burned in 1886.

My first guess was that the crib could be from the ship canal's old south pier. That was built from timbers in 1874 and torn down when the canal was widened at the turn of the century. The spot where the crib washed up, however, leads me to believe the breakwater theory. Dierckins, however, said my pier idea shouldn't be totally dismissed.

"With this lake, it could have washed here from Ashland," he said. "Or perhaps it's the remains of a very primitive UFO."


A Favor Por Favor.


We are in need of Internet access at Mr. D's on Sunday for the Pearl Swanson Benefit. Does anyone in Duluth have Clearwire that we could borrow for about 5 hours? We would guard it with our lives.

If you can assist, send me an email.

By the way, the Pearl Benefit Site has been updated with Silent Auction items and the most up to date band schedule. Pass it on.

The Perfect Gift

Looking for that special something for that special someone in your life? May I suggest this.

December 04, 2006

Hazel Needs Help


in.dog, Hazel and I need your help.

When Hazel gets sick at daycare, she has to leave immediately and she's not able to go back for 24 hours.

Both in.dog and I have a limited amount of work days we can take off and spend with her when she's sick. The same goes for days when the daycare is closed.

Is/Would anyone be interested in making some extra cash on relatively short notices to take care of Hazel when she's not able to go to daycare? Or to take care of her when the daycare is closed? Does anyone know of a "sick child" daycare in the area?

Any help or ideas would be appreciated!

You can contact us through the comments here or at pyntatyahoodotcom.

Thank you!


IRS taxation of online game virtual assets inevitable

NEW YORK--If you are a hard-core player of virtual worlds like World of Warcraft, Second Life, EverQuest or There, IRS form 1099 may someday soon take on a new meaning for you.

That's because game publishers may well in the not-too-distant future have to send the forms--which individuals receive when earning nonemployee income from companies or institutions--to virtual world players engaging in transactions for valuable items like Ultima Online castles, EverQuest weapons or Second Life currency, even when those players don't convert the assets into cash. Rest of the story

It's the Final Countdown... - New Years Eve - Duluth Area


It's the Final Countdown......
"80's Party"
New Years Eve 2006 - Duluth Area

It's the Final Countdown!!!!
New Years Eve 2006 - Duluth Area

Presented by DC Productions and Wrekt Records

Come celebrate with your friends from up north and the twin cities in one all-night all-out mega-fun bash! Full bar!

"80's Party"
If you don't come in costume, you will be subject to ridicule and possibly the wrath of Richard Aho. Have fun, it's New Years Eve!


Clear, Jeff Hunter and Justin Styles
House Music. Breaks. More House Music. Nakedness? Clear and Jeff Hunter have been the backbones of every DC show, now it's time for some payback. Justin Styles was added because he's a good guy. Together, they form what could be the highlight of the night.

Doc Hyde and Genome Project
Techno from up North. Rob is a pretty good guy as well. Did a Halloween show around the Twin Cities that turned out pretty awesome. Also helped on an insane tent at Blueshift 1. Who is this Genome character? And they are playing Live. Can't beat that.

QuadControl and Hack (ed)
Welcome to our newest members! DC n00b Hack and DC Hater Quad Control both joined the team! One is arguably the best DnB in the cities, while the other has weird feet. You decide!

Lime and Tyler C
We needed trance, and if trance has to be played, I guess we could get the guy that has a record on Platipus. Maybe he could teach Ben how to put records out on Oakenfold's label. And maybe Ben could teach Tyler how to be a heterosexual. It's sure to be a learning experience for all as these two twin cities superstars take the stage!

Trance. Big energetic melodic dark progressive psy arena epic trance. From up north, none the less. Could this be a challenger to the "trance King of Minnesota" title currently held by DJ Cadre? Maybe.

TheGoldenChild & Symmetry
Will they play together or seperate sets? You never really know. What you DO know is that the drum and bass people that always seem to get wasted at my house will be bringing the bass for your intoxicated soul. Boh!

Kris j. House music from the master of the north woods. Or somewhere close by. I didn't think they had house up there, mostly just lumberjack music, but I am proved wrong again.

Summary: Lots of your DC favorites in the environment that suits them... liquor! Added into the mix are some awesome up and comers from the cities, and some new friends from the north! Mixed all together, this should be a good time.

for directions the night of...

$7 donation
21 to drink all night. bring an ID or face the consequences of being sober!

Hangin' Out on da Crib


So, have you checked this thing out yet? Cool, ay?

Piece of history washes ashore
Duluth News Tribune - 12/02/2006

An almost 130-year-old piece of history washed ashore near Duluth’s Lakewalk this week, and city officials are wondering what to do with it.

The large timber crib apparently floated up Tuesday night near the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

“The Coast Guard, as well as a couple historians, think it’s part of an old train trestle from the 1870s that’s been sitting on the bottom of the lake,” park maintenance lead worker Tom Kasper said Friday.

For a period during the 19th century, grain elevators were built in Lake Superior. They burned in the 1880s. Kasper said pieces occasionally wash ashore, but nothing like this cribbing.

“It’s probably about 70 feet long by 30 feet by 5- to 8-feet high,’’ he said. “It’s a massive structure that’s all hand-hewn red pine with large spikes holding it together.”

“The Coast Guard has actually offered, if we are interested in leaving it in place as a historic interpretive, to provide the chain from one of their boats to securely hold it in place. Whether or not that happens, I don’t know. Their concern is that we get it anchored. If it were to free itself and get out into the shipping channel, it could severely damage even a 1,000-foot boat,” Kasper said.

An official with the Coast Guard’s Marine Safety Unit was not available for comment Friday afternoon.



Well that was fun. 34 posts in 72 hours! Thanks for playing. Keep it up.


Le Parkour - Duluth Style

Anybody know these folks?

December 03, 2006

Al turns up, too


Here's the Onion A.V. Club interview with Al Sparhawk. It's the "Random Rules" feature in which the subject sets his MP3 player to shuffle and comments on the first few tracks that come up.

Haley turns up...


City Pages interview with Haley Bonar.

for what it's worth - best albums of 2006

the only thing i miss about high school is sharing and hearing about new music. here's my top ten of the year. what's yours?

1. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - The Letting Go
2. FInal Fantasy - He Poos Clouds
3. Devendra Banhart - Cripple Crow
4. Beach House - Beach House
5. Chihei Hatakeyama - Minima Moralia
6. Loren Connors - Night Through
7. Bob Dylan - Modern Times
8. Tarantula A.D. - Book of Sand
9. No Wait Wait - About You
10. Thom Yorke - The Eraser (+ b-sides)

School Project


For the blog-a-thon, I'm posting a little pretend commercial that I worked on in a group project for school. Each group was assigned an existing company...IFC is the Independant Film Channel. The song is Deb Talen of The Weepies.

Click on the picture to watch the 1 minute promo.

(We're still learning the programs.)

Am I a Duluth Snob?

For years, Duluth being “the best kept secret” has been a prevalent conversation theme amongst us who live here. Only we truly appreciate our city’s magnificent landscape, outdoor galore, deep-rooted historical culture, awesome arts scene, low crime rate, family friendliness, THE LAKE…..I need not list more because PDDers know why Duluth is special.

It’s great living in such a fabulously clandestine city. In fact, I’ve lived here for 20 years and it’s only been in the last 10 that I’ve developed a deep love for this place. But the secret has been let loose, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

In 2001, Duluth was named one of the “Top Ten Dream Towns” , James Fallows of The Atlantic Monthly won’t shut-up about the greatness of our city , and even a Vox blogger, when writing about leaving LA, mentions Duluth in the same category as Manhattan, Paris and Austin .

A part of me feels flattered for our little city’s recognition, but there’s this other part of me that tenses up, Gollum-like, wanting to scream “MY PRECIOUS” every time someone else discovers Duluth's greatness.

My family moved about the U.S., so as an outsider I have a disdain for the tight-knit territorial nature of some cities’ life-long inhabitants. Yet, I don’t want to live in the next Portland, Seattle, Austin, etc. I want to live in the best kept secret.

Your thoughts on this subject?

All I Want For Christmas Is...

Santa Baby Where does the well-informed PDDer do their holiday shopping?

Here or here or here

Speaking of holidays, is anyone interested in doing a PDD Secret Santa and having a PDD Holiday Bash, say, down at Carmody or other locale?

Dinosaur Trax

Dino Trax

Click the Pic.

Muzak by Calexico.

Pearl Billboard!

Pearl Billboard.jpg

December 02, 2006

State fair freak show

The girl posing as "Snake Woman" was on stage just minutes earlier as the barefooted climber of "The Ladder of Deadly Razor Blades."

"And Santa sat on his great butt...

...enjoying a hardy brew"


How's the skiing in Duluth?

I'm just asking to satisfy Starfire's request for postings.

I'm currently in a hotel room in Frisco, Colorado. It is cold here (-6F) but there's snow. I coach junior cross-country skiers, and they raced today (entries in 11 age classes, three wins, two seconds, bunch of others in the top-five).

In Durango, where I live, it finally snowed last Monday and we began skiing on Wednesday. We had about 18" where we train. It's been cool down there -- blue kick wax -- but not ridiculous.

You Didn't See This In A Bugs Life...

This video made me sad and a little queezy...

Stop The Inanity


90s hair bands. Bad album covers. Wigs.

Starfire, what have you started?

For a change of pace, try this...

Minnesota's Longest Bridge: Located near the source of rivers, Minnesota does not have bridges that can compare to other places in length. The longest bridge entirely in the state is MN 77 over the Minnesota River. The two Duluth Bridges to Wisconsin are longer.



Bad Album Covers.

I love this crap

The Two Songs I Love Right Now...

Placebo-Running Up That Hill

There's no video with this but I love the song. It makes me happy and sad all at the same time.

The other song is Wolf Like Me by TV On The Radio

Wigs Are Cool!


Theme Songs

Here's mine. What's yours?


For Your Reading Pleasure


I posted my scripts as I was writing for Out of the Hat this last month on my website and I decided to post others I had written as well. They are now available for your perusal.

Best and Worst of 12-01-06

First entry ever.

My worst moment from yesterday: a gallon of water pouring through my kitchen ceiling

Best moment: turning around to see my youngest wearing his Dad's boots

Don't Stop Believin'


I would like to propose that of the following bands:

Night Ranger
REO Speedwagon

That Journey is the strongest and that Survivor is the weakest.

Feel free to discuss. Or not.

December 01, 2006

You gotta have a gimmick

ce n'est pas une main


Swedish metal + swedish curlers = awesome

A Hopeful Minnesota Music Friday

I've been posting music entries on my blog every friday, entitled Minnesota Music Friday, for the last seven weeks. Except I missed last friday, so there are actually only six entries. I uploaded the song "Holiday" by The (Olympic) Hopefuls as today's entry, but in honor of the PDD blogathon, here's a live version of "Holiday" that I found on You Tube.

Pinecones, Pinecones, Prickly Prickly Pinecones


I took this photo on one of the "Put Hazel To Sleep" excursions early this summer. She and I drove the entire length of Skyline Parkway and most of the middle and southern parts of St Louis County. This was taken at the end of Skyline as the Lester River pours into Lake Superior.

And now for something completely different:

Hot Milk Sponge Cake

1 cup all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
2 eggs
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup milk
2 tablespoons butter or margarine (always butter, always better!)

1. Preheat oven to 350F. Grease a 9x9x2 (I used an 8x8x2) inch baking pan; set pan aside. Stir together flour and baking powder; set aside.

2. In a mixing bowl, beat eggs with an electric mixer on high speed about 4 minutes or until thick. (Do the four minutes, trust me...) After that, gradually add the sugar, beating on medium speed for 4 to 5 minutes or till light and fluffy. Add the dry mixture; beat on low to medium speed just till combined.

3. IN a small saucepan, heat and stir milk and butter till butter melts; add to batter, beating till combined. Pour batter into prepared baking pan.

4. Bake in a 350F oven for 20-25 minutes OR till a wooden toothpick comes out clean. Cool cake in pan on a wire rack. Makes 9 servings.

While the cake is baking...

Butterscotch Sauce

1 cup sugar
3/4 cup half-and-half or evaporated milk or whole milk
1/2 cup butter (1 stick)
1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon scotch (Could use rum or whiskey or whatever type of pure hard spirit you have on hand, except vodka)

In small saucepan, combine all ingredients well except butter. Once combined, add butter. Bring just to a boil, stirring occasionally. Serve warm. Store in refrigerator.

Once the cake is cooled and ready to eat:

Slice cake into square slices and place slice on cake plate. Spoon sauce over cake slice so that it puddles around cake. Garnish (if you wish) with a dollop of real whipped cream.

This last part was brought to you by the letters P and D and the number 3. I just like sharing recipes.

I suppose if your OCD is working overtime and everything must come full circle, you could use the pinecones as a garnish on the cake.



Copied from my blog Crazy Days of Me

One thing that you probably don't know about me, is that I have a lot of naked dreams.
Almost everyone has dreams where they are naked in public - they're often in the "top-10" of dreams (along with flying, falling, chasing, being chased, and creepy teeth dreams). However, as par for course, I have my own slant to the typical naked dream. In my dreams, I'm not standing there naked and horrified as people point and stare. No, in my dreams, I just made a poor fashion decision.

In my naked dreams, going to work nude isn't the exact same as, well, going to work nude, it's more like showing up in a halter-top & micro-mini-skirt. People won't scream and throw a blanket over you, but they might make "tsk" sounds as you walk past, whisper about you, then eventually HR would stop by to talk to you about the new workplace clothing policy.
Often in my dreams, I sit there debating my clothing (or non-clothing) choice. "Maybe I should be dressing a little more conservative - this is a workplace, not a bar. Should I sneak out at lunch and at least buy a shirt? I'll just skip the 10 am meeting, then I should be ok."
My last naked dream, I went over to my friend Bryan's place naked and we played computer games. While playing, I was regretting my fashion (or non-fashion) decision, the equivalent to wearing a really tight dress & fuck-me boots over to a single male friend's house. The next day at work, we were talking about dreams, I brought up that dream. All the guys raised their eyebrows and made "ooooh!" noises at Bryan, but I don't think they realized that it wasn't a sex dream at all (though I do remember wondering why Bryan hadn't even looked at my non-outfit). The trouble is, I know it wasn't a sex dream, but I have no idea what it was...

Common naked-dream interpretation often has to do with shame and secrecy.

But in all of those cases, the dreamer is horrified and ashamed at their nudity. What does it mean to just be mildly disturbed by it? I am open to your interpretations...

I want my money back.


my blog-flogging: forever in sweat pants

if you make it to the end i'll give you a dollar.


I (heart) Muzak

I work in the Technology Center. Or the Tech Village. Or the Village. Or that building at Lake and Superior ... whatever it's called.
This time of year, the muzak has a holiday theme I love. They program music from old christmas specials, movies and other stuff.
You should stop by and take a listen. I've found that the best place to hear it is in the bathroom. While sitting there rockin' out, I've also discovered that the lights in the bathroom are controlled by a motion detector. Set for 2 minutes, if you really want to know.
It can be a little disturbing having the lights go out while you're sittin' on the crapper.

The music is always playing, however.

Places to Gig in Duluth

Saw this on YouTube as I was looking at Duluth related entries.

Blogathon Entry

So here is my entry:

Here is my wife doing Karaoke in New Hampshire.

Beth singing Jewel.

Hans plays with Lotte, Lotte plays with Jane

You May Be Crazy

Turmoil (1982) (20th Century Fox) thumb.pngIf you supported Bush, you might be crazy. Research tells no lie.

Oh, and I broke my high score for the game "Turmoil" for the Atari 2600 two days ago (see snapshot). The previous high score was set when I was 20... I am now 42. I used the Stella emulator with a StellaAdapter.

Let's Have a Blog-a-thon!


Hey Kids,

Let's get this party rolling. Starting this morning and lasting through the weekend I challenge all PDD members to contribute something to our little Blog. Post a picture, tell a story, make a movie or just tell a joke. If every member here posted one thing it could be quite a party. So get going there are only 72 hours left to get in on the fun.

--->over and out, for now.

Why didn't anyone tell me?

pastor ted.jpg

Yesterday was National Methamphetamine Awareness Day!

Funny, I never saw the cards in the store...If I had known I would have thrown a party or decorated or something...must be way overshadowed by all the Christmas and holiday hype, eh?

I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar