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Thanksgiving leftover count

1 tupperware dish full of some sort of cornbread
1 cream cheese container containing slices of jellied cranberry sauce
1 glass baking dish and 1 butter tub full of green bean casserole
1/2 of a pumpkin pie
2 butter tubs full of stuffing
3 large ziplock bags full of turkey
4 tall deli containers full of soup created from turkey leftovers

the pie will be gone tonight!


the turkey's been picked and the carcass boiled. tamaray made a very yummy soup with it last night.

There's turkey breast for lunch sammitches and turkey salad spread for...sammitches.

the sweet potato and green bean casseroles are down to a side serving apeice. mashed potatoes are gone.

the pies...umm...tamara's dad's awesome apple pie is gone, as is the french silk. there's some blueberry crisp and some questionable pumpkin looking stuff on the kitchen counter.

I also have a bottle of non alcoholic sparkling champagne stuff and a growler of Sasquatch, both unopened.

we spaced the fruit salad.

I figure we can eat pretty good for another three or four days.

anyone feel like a post-turkey potluck?

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