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On another blog, we've been given a challenge to come up with laws for a town that you've created. Here are mine. What would yours be?


1) The Golden Rule is key: "Do unto others what you would have done unto you."

2) Families are important. Healthy families mean happy families. Parents will be able to take 104 weeks of paid parental leave following the birth and/or adoption of a child. Healthcare is provided by the government.

3) Minimum wage would increase as the cost of living increases. A COLA would be in effect at all times.

4) Equality is key. We welcome all persons and families dedicated to living lives that promote tolerance and equality of everyone. Violations of this will result in public humiliation and severe application of the Golden Rule.

5) Environmentally sound practices will be in effect at all times: recycling is mandatory, solar, wind and hydroelectric power shall be used as much as possible, biodiesel or electric cars are encouraged. Green space is encouraged.

6) Practice of religion is not allowed in the public school. Silent prayer is allowed as long as it does not interrupt the regular flow of the school day. Religion may be taught as a class, however, all major world religions must be taught and equally respected. All aspects of sexual education, including the use of birth control methods and STD prevention, will be taught beginning in the 6th grade. Such subject matter will be age appropriate. Schools will be run year-round, following the European and Japanese models.

7) Civility is key. Be polite to one another, help each other.

8) Guns are used by the police for the enforcement of laws. However, gun use by law enforcement is not encouraged. Private gun ownership is not allowed. There will be a gun rental service provided by the government during hunting seasons where hunters will be able to rent guns and purchase ammunition for hunting purposes only.

9) Bartering/trade for goods and services is encouraged. However, unfair practices will result in public humiliation and application of the Golden Rule.

10) Government shall be fiscally responsible. The budget shall be balanced at the end of each fiscal year, with the elected officials personally responsible for any budget shortfall, unless an unforeseen natural or unnatural disaster occurs, at which time, the entire population shall help contribute to balancing the budget on a sliding scale of contributions. Taxation will be kept to a minimum and only to help finance the government and its relevant operations. Taxation will also be on a sliding scale, with those who have the most paying the most and those who have the least paying the least. However, all shall pay something.


Public humiliation? Really?

Calvinball rules.

Sounds good to me, but for a couple things.

1)Gov. provided healthcare doesn't work. See the UK and Canada for examples.

2) Private gun ownership not allowed?? Only gov. agencies?
Sorry, no good. Hitler and Stalin would agree with you. So would a lot of criminals.

3)Tax cuts for people whose vehicles use biodiesel.

That's about all.


Rule #2: See Rule #1

er, actually gov provided, or single payer systems can and do work. See Norway, Sweden, Canada is not as bad as you imply, I can't speak to the UK so I won't. As well there are plenty of non totalitarian countries that limit gun ownership. If one's main argument for private gun owenership is that we need the guns to resist a trynical govt then I think we are screwed already. Handguns and rifles do nadda against tanks, jets and missles.
Here is a little article about nazis and gun control.

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