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Turn around, Starfire

The other day LP said that I should be Starfire for Halloween "because she dresses in purple." Since we don't have cable, it took some questioning before I learned that besides being a local hipster, Starfire is also a female superhero on Teen Titans. So I went on You Tube to do some Starfire research and found this:

I found this pee-inducing FUNNY! See, in September I read at Laurie's wedding, and what I read were verses from Total Eclipse of the Heart. Now that it's over, I really, really wish I would have belted the lines even though I would have been off-key and scared Laurie's older relatives.

In regards to a Starfire costume, I would not be caught dead in such an ensamble. Unless I was 50 lbs skinnier and going to Stargate. I bet cartoon Starfire would hang-out at Stargate. And she's in love with a "titan" Robin? Really? I was always more an aquaman kind of gal. Local hipster Starfire was Aquaman at Geek Prom II. Not saying I have a crush on the in-the-flesh Starfire, just bringing this full circle.


Wow... that was very... long.

I haven't seen Teen Titans, but Robin seems like a real jerk, which is an improvement on the whole. I suppose that comes from being Bruce Wayne's "ward" for so many years. >

Starfire's funky eyebrows remind me of Maya from Space 1999.

So what Aquaman do you have a crush on? Classic orang shirt please have an ocean episode so I have somthing do do Aquaman, or modern bad-ass my wife died and all I got was a hook for a hand aquaman?

Bad Cat, classic orange shirt Aquaman from Super Friends; I was always waiting for that ocean episode. I did get to catch Cartoon Network's powerpuff girls commercial lampooning my beloved Aquaman: "My ability to talk to fish is of no use to us, Wonder Woman."

Ironic 1, I'm guessing you meant the video, although the post is long. I should have mentioned that why I found the video so funny was because I kept imaging myself purpley dressed as Starfie reading at the woodsy wedding.
Now I'm going to have research into this Maya you speak of.

I can't say exactly why but the other week I got onto a "Total Eclipse of the Heart" stint. Meaning by which, I looked for every related YouTube video. Somehow I missed this one they I'm not too sad.

If you haven't seen the original music video, I highly, highly reccomend. It starts out as your typical power ballad witht he singer in a big, dark mansion but it evolves into an epic containing both castrated prep school boys and ninjas.

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