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Sweet Land Film in Duluth

Sweet Land is returning to Duluth. It's an award winning, independant fim set in a 1920's southern Minnesota farming community. I was about to go down to the cities to see this film until I heard it was making its way up 35. It's a busy weekend with a lot of exceptional events, but, if you have the chance, I encourage you to reward Duluth Ten for bringing in an Independant film. (I should mention that the film was first shown at the Play Ground last May before it had a distributor, and the Play Ground should continue to garner support for their endeavors and collaborations.)

The story is one of endurance, determination, community, intimacy and how the landscape serves to shape and confine all those human realities. Selim does not dwell any longer on any of these themes than people within the circumstances would. The story of the hard working farm and love of the land has being Hallmarked so many times, that it’s easy to be suspicious. But Selim crafts the movie in such a way that it surpasses sentiment alone and becomes part of an experience.
Robert Frost discussed the “sound of sense,” the sound of conversations barely heard but no less significant. Selim captures scenes of sense: the distance of memory, the textures of experience and the sweeping and vivid colors of wonder. This is a movie made with tremendous affection and care for the characters and their environment; a truly enriching movie for young and old alike.


plus, our own haley bonar does a song for this film with mark orton (tin hat trio). for me, worth the price of admission right there. and the film looks damn good.

I just saw a preview for this movie yesterday on the Libertine (pretty good) DVD and wrote it down on my list of "should see" movies, not knowing of the Northland connnection.

i'd forgotten about bonar's song... very gorgeous.

I went to the movie this weekend. It's fantastic! So much more meaningful than most Hollywood productions. Go see it!!!!

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