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Stripes, hats, mustaches and nautical art

stripes,-hats-&-mustaches-w (2).jpg

Go enjoy a “cup of joe” and Dr. Thunder's aestetically pleaseing show, "Stripes, Hats, and Mustaches" (the art matches the orange & yellow walls!) at Beaner's through Oct. 31st.

And if you’re heading up the North Shore before Oct. 12, stop in at the Coho Café in Tofte to see his nautical themed show, "Return to the Sea."


I have seen the Coho Cafe show. It goes nicely with a muffuletta sandwich.

I reckon a posse of us'ns could muster up Friday an' go have a looky-see at what the hullabaloo is all about. Although it looks like you have to pay $5 cover charge if you want in after 8:00pm. http://www.beanerscentral.com/index.htm

i have to chime in and say that you should all buy some of dr. thunder's work. i know you can't afford it, but find a way. i bought one five years ago, and not a day goes by where i don't look at it and smile. he is a genius.

I will second mayday's comment. I have two of his paintings in my dining room and he gave me a wood cut as a wedding gift. His work is wonderful and it's great to support local artists!

He's doing some smaller scale paintings now that are affordable ($100). They are as wonderful and detailed as the big paintings. There's a set of three "coffee angles" he did specifically for the Beaner's show.

'Everyone' is (are?) going tonite about 5:30pm 'til whenever.

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