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Nonchalant Moment


My favorite moment during the Nonchalant Jaunt was when Barrett and Jerree found a plastic baseball and bat, and immediately started playing. Barrett threw the first pitch and Jerree ripped it directly back at him, putting a wicked welt on his chest. Oh the humanity.

(For now I'll file this under "anecdotes." There should be a category called "wacky injuries.")


Who knew wiffle balls were that hard? Or that Small could blast 'em like that?

The mark is fading, but it still stings.

I like your jacket Jerree, very much. The white fur edging especially on the hood is great.

I missed this moment. I'm glad someone photographed it. There are more walk photos here.

I like how the photo is titled "The Incident." It adds to the weight of the moment.

Fricken Flickr & I aren't getting along. I posted a few pics here: http://purplepez.vox.com/
(can click on my name in the comments also)

Oh, yeah. Mine are here.

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