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Nonchalant Jaunt IV


It began in 2003.
Eight Duluthians set out on a quest to walk the entire width of the city via Highway 23 -- from the former Wabagon Supper Club to the Lakeview Castle. Seven of them made it. One had to drop out of the group and go to work.

It continued in 2004.
Seven Duluthians set out to walk the entire length of Skyline Parkway -- from Mission Creek to the end of Occidental Boulevard. Three made it all the way; four got too comfortable at the former Buena Vista Restaurant and went no further.

It became nonchalant in 2005.
After realizing the first two jaunts were quite chalant, seven Duluthians set out on a truly nonchalant adventure, meeting at the top of Enger Tower and wandering around aimlessly, as documented by this video from Starfire TV.

Now, it’s 2006.
The plan is to meet on Sunday, Oct. 22, 11 a.m., at the Clyde Avenue Boat Launch and run wild from there. (There is no reason to believe anyone will show up with a boat, but it could happen.) Similar to 2005, there is no plan. We’ll make it up as we go.

The Clyde Avenue Boat Launch is -- you guessed it -- at the end of Clyde Avenue. Turn east off of Grand Avenue between the Riverside and Morgan Park neighborhoods, then head down Clyde Avenue and you’ll hit the dead end in less than a half mile.

Questions? Ask in the comments or find me Saturday night at the UFO convention.


We have not made it to a jaunt yet, but if everyone wears purple as illustrated above,I will be one happy jaunter joiner.

Doh! Yet another NCJ that I'm going to miss.
Perhaps the group would like to nonchalantly help me move that day? ;)

A lifelong West Duluthian, I had no idea where Clyde Avenue was.

A map, to guide us all.

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