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Lame. Lame. Lame. LAME LAME LAME!!

This show was to take place at the Great Lakes Aquarium. The combination of techno, lasers, costumes, limited admission, water and fish was going to make this probably one of the best parties I'd ever been to. I was going to come to Duluth, from Minneapolis (where there are a lot of parties like this), and bring a lot of friends. Then we were going to spend a lot of money the next day in Duluth eating establishments and buying "Duluth is a cool city" t-shirts, because we would finally, truly believe it in our hearts.

I've never been so excited to attend an event in Duluth. It was going to be HUGE. So please. Someone tell me why this show was cancelled by the City.

On the plus side, it's in Minneapolis now, so less driving for me. On the minus side, a bunch of DJs have been cut, and there will be no water, and no fish. It will now be just like any of the other 10 Halloween DJ extravaganzas in Minneapolis that night.

UPDATE: the promoter for the event posted some information about the cancellation. Here is an excerpt:

As of October 25th, 2006, City Officials have denied us our right to hold the event 'Heaven in Hell' within the Great Lakes Aquarium - A City owned facility. Although the Aquarium holds Special Events on a regular basis, and just about every other establishment will be holding a Halloween Event in Duluth, our event in particular has been singled out and shutdown because of the genre of music that would primarily be played. (Electronic Dance Music) Authorities have labeled this event as a 'Rave' type event and have used their 'scare tactics' to attempt to destroy what we have spent months organizing.

Since a City Official told me outright, that the authorities will do everything they can to make sure the event doesn't happen successfully in Duluth (a risk that I'm not willing to take). - WE ARE FORCED TO MOVE THE EVENT 'HEAVEN IN HELL' TO A DIFFERENT CITY - That city being MINNEAPOLIS.

The GLA was looking forward to this event - so what's the deal here?


the GLA had nothing to do with shutting down this event. GLA now is getting harassing phone calls. GLA WANTED this event.

You want the inner workings
of the "brains" of the people
who run Duluth explained? One could spend a lifetime contemplating this topic and
make little, if any progress.
It's best to have another beer.

What is obvious in the rest of the world is not obvious
in Duluth.

So ... um ... what is the objection? Dancing?

Or are they suggesting that if it's a "rave" then everyone will take ecstasy and gouge their own eyes out?

And who are these "city officials" anyway?

Why would it surprise you that officials in this little provincial town would freak out when they heard the term "rave?"

On the other hand, I'd be nervous that this type of event might negatively affect some of the animals at the aquarium. Just thinking about intense vibrations...

(b) everyone will take ecstasy and gouge their own eyes out.

The terrorists have already won, haven't they?

the animals are taken into great consideration. there has been live music since day 1 and they are not endangered in any way. by the vibrations.

I guess I don't pay attention because I never even heard about this event happening. Was it cancelled a long time ago?

Yea, but there's a difference in sound intensity between your average wedding reception and a rave... I feel sorry for the poor otter ears. :(

I was the lead organizer and promoter of this show.... This event was my 5th annual Halloween Party.

Just so everyone knows-

The director of the Aquarium folded last minute cuz the authorities freaked him out. Grow some balls Chad the Director!!
FYI - This party went down without a hitch in Minneapolis and it was magical. The Aquarium lost out on approximately $5000 (rental fee and sales) because this event didn't take place there. The Loft in Minneapolis pocketed that $5000 instead. I urge everyone to not support the City's burden that is the GLA.

I ALWAYS get even... It's too bad that I will be the one to make the call to have the GLA Bulldozed.

Have a nice holiday season.

-Rob Wagner/Wrekt Records

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