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It's a party. It's a fundraiser. It's your annual Emerson freakout.

Come in your best, scariest, weirdest, freakiest costume to the Emerson Halloween Fundraiser.

Saturday, October 28th, 8pm - 2am. 1030 West 3rd Street, Auditorium entrance.

Why? For the Accelerati, DT's, Keep Aways, Supreme Rockers, and more kick-ass music that I can remember right now.

Why else? To help this unique housing co-op obtain a new boiler so we aren't freezing our cooperative arses off too much longer.

A $10 donation gets you food, beverages and a super neato (and spoooooky) time. Guaranteed.

Door prizes include:

- Special Norby Edition Ipod
- 1981 Magnavox 12" black and white TV
- 110 year-old boiler

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