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I promise to never do this again.

I hate to use PDD to unload this thing, but I really need to get it out of our small apartment. It's a long story how I came to own this bike (read on below), but I have no use for it, so I need to sell it.

About the bike:

- basically a brand new heavy-duty mountain bike
- has 21 speeds, I believe
- has front fork shocks
- would fit someone 5'3" thru 5'9"

It's a 2006 model and costs $400+ new. Yours for $200.

Email me here.


When I moved to Duluth I left my mountain bike in a friend's garage. When he sold his house he said he'd take the bike with him to his new house, which I assumed he did. Eighteen months later, I aked him if he still had my bike, and could my girlfriend retrieve it from his house when she came to MPLS?

She went to retrieve my bike. But my bike had somehow morphed into this smaller, non-purple bike. My friend doesn't know what happened to my bike or how this new bike came to be in his possession. But he owed me a bike, so I got this one. Which is too small.

It's all a great mystery



Would it be a 24" or 26"?

I'm not sure. Do you know how to figure that out? Is there something that could be measured? Like I said, it would fit a smaller adult or larger taller kid.

I figured it out. It's an 18" frame.

When I asked 24 or 26", I was meaning the tire size but 18" frame is a better description. Thanks.

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