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How many of me?


LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

It's not as much fun as googleing & reading about the Michelle Rowleys of the world, but now I know there are less than 50 of us in the US. However, there are 0 purples, so perhaps I should just make a legal name change.


There's only one person with my name? I find that hard to believe...

You brought the site down Purple.

Damn. Michelle Rowleys are trouble.

Ya, looks like it's slashdotted--way to go, Purple.

Only one of me, but I've known this forever. Easy when the military muffs up you're family last name during WWII, and it is just more convient for you granfather to just use the errored one then to get eveyrthing fixed. Right now only 14 people live with my last name, and I know there are no repeats.

Also only one

Yep, I'm the only person with my name, too.

Strangely, there are only 934 people with my name, as common as both my first and last names are.

More disturbing, though, is that apparently there are 0 people in the US with the names of my son or daughter. Wonder what database they are using?

I have common name so a couple hundred thou share mine.
Interestingly I entered my sister's name and it showed no one shared hers. She is under the radar of life! Hee

"Statistically the 143rd most popular first name"--woot! In your face!

"99.62 percent of people with the first name Adam are male."

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