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good vet for dog?

We moved to Duluth recently with 2 dogs. One is in the emergency vet clinic today but will be needing a vet to go to first thing tomorrow morning...and may need surgery.

Where is the best place for this?

Our dogs went to 'Alta vet' when we lived in mpls...we like vets who regard alternative treatments & conventional treatments in thier approach to medicine and treatment.

Please post soon with your thoughts...


we go to north shore vet in lakeside for our dog.

they seem good and pretty open to options - luckily we haven't had to explore many options for anything yet

I like Dr. Beyea at North Shore. I don't know her position on alternative therapies, but she treats my animals well, explains thoroughly, and doesn't push unneccessary procedures and products.

We also go to North Shore in Lakeside for our dog. Have seen Dr. Beyea, Boucher, and Hargrove. All very easy to talk to, and understanding. Hope everything works out well with your dog.

Dr. Schnell is great. She's a bit out of town--in Dairyland, WI, but makes house calls and is into holistic and alternative pet care. She miraculously fixed my parents' cat's disabled hind legs through chiropractic care. 715-244-3881

Roger Pitt. He is in the phone book, and consults out of many different locations. He is kind, sensative, talented. He is who they send you to when they need to call in the expert.

I would also recommend Dr Beyea or Dr Daphne Hall at North Shore.

Roger Pitt is awesome and has treated a couple of our dogs but he is an internal medicine specialist and as far as I know does not do surgery.

I bring my cats to the Duluth vet hosp on London Road. The vets have always been really good & willing to keep themselves informed.

Another vote for the North Shore Vet. Not sure about alternative therapies but I never feel rushed there and they always answer your questions. I have been to all the vets there for dogs and cats.

Hi PDDers ...
Charlie is under the good care of Dr. Bayae this morning and will probably be there a few days. He had a bad weekend after ingesting something on a walk on the Waterfront Trail. He is very depressed right now and had to go into emergency surgery late last night. They didn't find any thing but "pissed off guts" to quote the doctor at the animal emergency vet. I am glad they got to crack him open and rule out anything severe. Now he is on fluids and will hopefully be his chipper 2yr old golden self in a few days. Thanks for the recommendation, I can't wait to tell her how highly she comes. I feel better knowing he is there today .... and tomorrow.

Thanks again.

Signed ... no sleep in Duluth

Hope Charlie has a very speedy recovery!! He is in good hands. The fine folks at North Shore Vet saved my kitty's life this spring. They are great vets and loving folks. By the way, Dr. Beyea is trained in animal acupuncture.

Don't be shy about visiting Charlie at the vet. They welcome and encourage visits-- it really makes a difference in recovery.

Dr. Roger Pitt (mentioned by many above) is one of the kindest persons I have ever met. His support was invaluable to me as we tried (unsuccessfully, unfortunately) to rid my sweet cat, Max, of cancer. If your dogs ever have more serious internal troubles (and I hope they never do), ask for a consult with Roger.

I recommend Dougherty's Vet Clinic on Central Entrance. My dog Isis has serious skin problems and a Dr. Lisa Jeanette was apt to do tests and find a good solution. I've been to the emergency clinic (20th & london) and my dog will barely go into the place, but Dougherty's and the Grand Avenue Vet Clinic he has no problems.

Good luck with your dogs!

Sounds like Charlie has EDD (expensive dog disease). Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Wow, I lost my baby Teddy to a uniformed Vet in Duluth. His name is Dr. Lee. A very nice man getting his education while peoples dogs die. Terrible deaths. Dr Rogger Pitts on the other hand is fantastic. If he had been available the first 8 days my dog was sick..My dog would probabley be alive. He was my vet. I was told he was not available when my dog was ill.I got stuck with a new guy..and now a dead dog and BIG bills I have much more to say and all to back it up. Thanks to Duluth Vet Clinic My baby is dead.

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