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Four Eyed Monsters MN Premier


A girl and a guy make a rule to meet up and not speak to each other. They have sex while still never having spoken! Instead they use notes, pics, music and videos get to know each other and slowly start to meld into one beast that has 2 mouths, 4 eyes and 8 limbs and takes up 2 seats on the subway!!! How long can their relationship survive as an art project??? And by the way, all of this really happened…

Minnesota premiere tonight!!!
Screening at the Varsity Theater tonight, Fri 10-6 @ 7:00 pm

1308 SE 4th Street Minneapolis, MN 55414

After the screening will be a multimedia after party with bands Kid Dakota and Aviette, video projections and a live video chat with the creators from the lobby. Just after the film the space will become the after party as the bands Aviette and Kid Dakota perform.

This is an amazing project. I encourage you to visit their site and view their vlogs. If you get a chance, head down to the cities and support this DIY film project.


Oh, I really wish I could go to this! I subscribe to the video podcast and have been hoping to see the movie sometime.

i actually posted that for you v-nick. i saw your picture on their website for duluth requests.

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