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I found this picture in the box they keep the log book in at Caribou River Falls (between Little Marais and Schroeder). You can't see it, but on the lower border of the photo is written: "This guy was in my stenches class - word." It's signed "Jen" or "Jim" or some scribble resembling those names.

Of course, I left the picture in the box. It belongs there.


stench (stnch) Pronunciation Key Audio pronunciation of "stenches" [P]

1. A strong, foul odor; a stink.
2. A foul quality: the stench of corrupt government.

And what kind of class studies stenches?

Caribou Falls is one of the nicest spots in the state.

a "class" is also a category or grouping...so this fella could fall into her "stenches" category. a, hopefully, small group of folk. maybe she sprayed him with her essence.

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