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Dear Beer

I have a question about growler etiquette. So I bought a growler of beer from South Shore Brewery - is it tres gauche of me to bring it into another establishment like the Brewhouse or TPBP to get it refilled?


According to Minnesota state law one may only use a Growler at the brewery it is from.
I do not think this is the case in Wisconsin. I've even heard of regular bars in Superior filling growlers.

Thank goodness Minnesota had the good sense to pass this law. Can you image the chaos that would ensue if beer from one brewery was poured into a growler from another brewery?

I'm refusing to enter Wisconsin again until lawmakers there do something to ensure my safety.

hmm... can you use a milk or cider jug to get refills at said wisconsin bars??

In superior I prefer to get martinis in old MD 20/20 bottles.

I also prefer to knife people instead of hitting them over the head with my glass bottle of MD 20/20.

I prefer my martinis dirty.

With a bit of silt at the bottom of the bottle.

Berv, since the law in Superior allows, I say you and Sam Adams bring the grouwler to Twin Ports Brewery to have it refilled.

as a point of etiquitte, most brewpubs won't fill into another brewpub's growler.

This makes me growl. grrrr

A point of etiquitte? Sounds like a point of narcissim to me.

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