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DAI Artist Nexus

DAI Artist Nexus
Every First Wednesday of the Month
Next Meeting: Wed., Nov. 1
Lincoln Center - 2229 W. 2nd St.
6:30 pm – 8 pm


Duluth has a thriving art community filled with artists of all mediums and backgrounds. The Duluth Art Institute has opened its Lincoln Center doors to artists looking to connect with each other, whether it is through networking, collaborating, supporting, sharing ideas or simply socializing.

We have successfully hosted a handful of meetings so far, and look forward to seeing how the group continues to develop. Meetings have an open structure and may transform in the future, depending on the group. So far, artists have expressed a great amount of interest for the group and other topics including: the business of art, developing a portfolio and presenting in a professional gallery space. David Hodges, exhibitions coordinator, will be presenting on Wednesday, Feb. 7 on the topic of: Submitting an Exhibitions Proposal in the Digital Age.

As the group develops, it is the hope that the Nexus becomes a matching point for artists, fostering the arts community. We encourage artists to bring ideas ranging from technical to conceptual. You may bring current work or just yourself and a food to share if you wish. Everyone including artists of all ages, skill levels and mediums are welcome.

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