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Creepy People

Very interesting ad from Dove showing the process used to make models appear more beautiful than humanly possible (the photoshop part is especially creepy).


Thanks, BadCat! I sent it to my daughter.

The flip side of this is... any girl can be a model, apparently. Why would you have to be a certain type if they can alter your image in such an extreme way?

The so-called beauty/fashion industry is creepy.

It reminds me of the anti-meth ads (in reverse).

Photoshop is like Meth.
For ad weasels like me.
I couldn't live without it.
It's amazing how even the simplest ad anymore is retouched in photoshop - there are hardly any straight photos, anywhere in ads. And it's just assumed by clients, account execs, and even the photographers that any problems with the images can and will be fixed in photoshop.

Now for the geekiest comment ever - that's not a Photoshop screen in the movie. It's a different interface. They must have made up a fake one so they wouldn't get sued by Adobe.

Heh, I noticed that I didn't look quite right - I thought it may have been the Mac interface.

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