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So what are you going as for halloween?

Also what are the best and/or worst costumes you've ever seen?


Best: Sun burned tourist on the Halloween train last year.
Worst: Sperm/egg (in vitro) in a petri dish

Telling people what you're dressing up as ruins the surprise, so my lips are sealed.

However, I wrote a column in 2001 about what NOT to dress up as for Halloween. It can be found at http://www.alternet.org/story/11775/

Honestly, I can't decided whether that it was of the worst or best costumes.

As of today, my son wants to be "Picka Vader" He wants to wear the body half of a pokemon pickachu costume, his Darth Vader mask complete with voice changer, and a light saber.

My daughter is going to be a baby witch; my son is going to be a wolf; my other son is going to be a bear because bears are bigger than wolves; and my *other* daughter is going to be that creepy girl from The Ring.

Yes, I am done sewing costumes every year, I fear, for this year has topped them all. I like the whole Picka Vader...as if Pikachu and Darth Vader met and their souls became intertwined and love ensued...

Pokemon and evil love.

I went as a bong one halloween. I've also been Robin Goodfellow...Euro Trash.

My friend Nick went as R2D2 one year, and Beaker from the Muppets the next.

I think the Best costume of all would have to be either Johnathan Livingston's portrayal of G.B. Leighton or Jess' version of Sven Sundgaard. Definately a tossup.

Worst costume...my version of the guy from the Black Crowes.

you WERE that guy from the counting crows damnit!

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