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Blue Man Group Coming to Duluth!


Blue Man Group will be performing March 28 at the DECC! It's the rock tour which is a different show than the one I work at in Chicago. It is pretty cool and I love that it's coming to Duluth!


This is going to be SOOOO good!


I declare that this shall be Hazel's first concert.

Sounds fun! Laurie, would this show be cool for kids? I've got a 9 year old and a then 12 year old.

This RAWKS my world. I hrt the Blue Men!

I thought people would like that! Yes, it's perfect for kids. At the theatre show we suggest ages 5 and up. I think the if kids don't mind loud music and lots of lights they should be fine. I will post when the pre-sale dates go up.

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