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more stolen gear:

To Whom It May Concern,

Please read, forward, and repost this to everyone you know & help me recover my stolen goodies:

Last night my car was broken into and the following items were taken:

1 x custom built fretless 5 string electric Jazz bass.
It has no recognizable markings other than the word "bartolini" written on both pickups. It has a transparent orange finish on a curly maple and mahogany body. Check out my picks on my page for a good photo.
1 x Fender 412 Cab
2 x Monster Bass Cables
1 x Monster Amp Cable
1 x Boss Reverb Pedal
1 x Dod Graphic EQ/Preamp Pedal
1 x iPod video 30 gb

The bass is not resalable because it is highly customized, but it is invaluable to me so if everyone could keep their eyes open I'd really appreciate it.




I'm beginning to think we need a "stolen gear" category.

man sorry 'bout your gear

in the last few weeks i've had my car broken into .. my tire slashed .. my side mirror broken .. and i just moved here three months ago. nothing ever happened to my car in the 8 years i lived in minneapolis... crime really is on the rise

anything we can do to put a stop on it .. a giant PDD neighborhood crime watch?

we could get matching jackets

Wow, thats a bunch of gear to leave in a car overnight. I hope you find it. I would make a list and give it to all the Pawn Shops and Music-Go-Round.

Sorry to hear about your gear.

I'd keep an eye out on ebay if I were you. Hopefully you can get a loaner gear for any neartime gigs.

good luck on your search.

thanks everyone. it's my friend karl's. i don't have that problem anymore. i left lincoln park for woodland. however, i do play bass now & it's fun!

fucking SUCK!!!

I hate gear thieves almost as much as I hate bike thieves and junkies.

hope you get yer git & gerr back...

A 'stolen gear' category would be good...how about an Amber Alert for stolen gear...

I'm sure you all know by now, but just a reminder - never leave gear in your vehicle overnight for any reason. Even if you're drag ass tired or totally loaded, just take 10 or 15 minutes to get your gear inside your house or practice space, etc. I've had so much gear stolen over the years it's ridiculous. Took me a long, long time to finally realize this simple fact. This goes for anything of value in your vehicle. For whatever reason, this town is rife with thieves and window-smashing assholes. I know, it sucks... but that's the way it is. Don't give them any opportunity to screw you over. Good luck, y'all.

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