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A-dredgin' and a-cappin'


In case you've wondered what things look like down on Stryker Bay, where they're sorting out all the goop in the water, I present this photo.

For those who don't know where Stryker Bay is and why the water is full of goop:

Stryker Bay is in the Fremont area of West Duluth.

There was a lot of industry along the St. Louis River from the late 1800s until about 1960. Tar and coke plants, slaughterhouses and the like discharged toxic contaminents into the water. Those contaminents settled on the bottom of the bay and were left there for decades. The coal tar in some areas was said to be 13 feet thick.

The $50 million project going on right now involves dredging out some of the goop and capping the rest in.


For more info than you want, read the "Design Level Evaluation of a Remedial Wetland Cap." (It's a PDF, by the way.)


Hey Paul, I worked on that project this summer and last year. It is nasty. Just trolling with a boat motor in that area brings up an oil sheen onto the water surface.

You know, the Western Waterfront Trail where your picture was taken from is closed to the public in that area you sneaky guy, you!

Since when am I a member of the public? I renounced the public years ago.

I thought that there was something fishy about "Design Level Evaluation Of A Remedial Wetland Cap." this thought was confirmed when I learned that shady bastard Stan Feenstra was involved with the project.


Thanks for acknowledging my attempt at a funny, Berv.


I thought I made only friends in Duluth.

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